Glamping: The Luxurious Way To Spend Your Easter Weekend

Take your next vacation in style

Words by Kylie McDaneld
April 5th, 2019

Indulge on a glamping vacation

This Easter vacation is the perfect chance to dedicate some time to relax and unwind. Whatever atmosphere you desire, there is a glamping site that fits your needs perfectly; you’ll find glamping getaways dedicated to romance, quirky atmosphere, or classic family-oriented fun, nationwide.

If you want to travel for a more scenic vacation, there are locations all over Europe offering luxury camping with beautiful views, relaxing activities, and personable experiences.


Romantic Stay-cation

Romantic stay-cations have become increasingly popular as more people want to have a great weekend with their significant other, but don’t want to splurge on travel and expensive accommodations. Glamping over a long weekend is the perfect way to reconnect with your partner without the annoying hassle of airports.

Killarney Glamping at the Grove, located just 1.5 kilometres from Killarney city centre in Co. Kerry, offers romantic glamping suites and luxury lodges exclusively for couples. Despite being so close to urban centres, Grove Lane Glamping promises tranquil countryside settings with views of mountains, meadows, and the River Flesk, while still having the ability to order takeaway from a number of local restaurants that deliver right to the campsite.

You can enjoy a pamper day at the spa, followed by a sunset kayak trip and roasting marshmallows over a campfire with your significant other. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a romantic getaway, Glamping at the Grove likely has it.

Fun, Quirky Getaway

Sleeping under the stars is such a romanticised idea, but at the Finn Lough Resort, that idea has become a glamorous reality. While you can choose to stay at their waterside cottages, catered suites, or lakeside lodges, their bubble domes stand out as a lodging unique to them. You can enjoy the beauty of the night sky and the tranquillity of the surrounding nature from the comfort inside these forest domes.

Besides the unique lodging options, Finn Lough Resort has dedicated areas for cycling, fishing, water sports, and hiking. Their spa package, the Element Trail Experience, is the perfect way to end a relaxing Easter weekend. You can enjoy a lakeside Finnish sauna and a hot tub overlooking the bay before returning to your tranquil bubble dome.

Beautiful, Quiet Campsite

If you’re looking for something slightly more tranquil or family-friendly, glamping at the Pink Apple Orchard will surely be the perfect spot for you. Operating without WiFi, the Pink Apple Orchard encourages spending time with the people you came with, the people you meet there, and nature.

They have accommodations ranging from their Hobbit House with a wood burning stove, electricity, and private toilet and shower, to quirky yurts built on site with outdoor seating provided. This amazing location has outdoor activities for families, as well as a spa offering an array of holistic therapies for all to enjoy.

Enchanting Forest Resort

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort just an hour outside of Lisbon offers a magical atmosphere as it is situated in a forest of pine trees and eucalyptus. This eco-friendly lodging was built using natural material and operates on renewable energy. You can stay in their treehouses or tents, and enjoy all that nature has to offer in style.

Bukubaki has yoga, massages, and guided tours, as well as plenty of surfing of course. The on-site garden produces most of the food for the restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about your environmental impact while you’re glamping.

Relaxing Scenic Retreat

The Kudhva in England, UK, offers a unique and unusual way to relax while still minimising your environmental impact. The site is composed of temporary housing structures built to blend into the environment, and are meant to keep the experience as close to the natural surroundings as possible. Set in a 45-acre quarry overlooking the sea, the raw and rugged landscape become the experience. You have the option to stay in the famous kudhvas, or a cabin or tree tent depending on your preference.

The Kudhva offers many activities for your digital detox. Yoga, foraging, climbing, painting, and surfing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy during your stay.

Tropical Luxury Resort

At the Torre del Porticciola Village on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, glampers can relish in luxury lodges, tents, or yurts next to the beautiful Bay of Porticciola.  The stunning views of the sea coupled with the cosy comfort of the accommodations ensure that your vacation will be full of relaxation.

On the resort, you can enjoy the tennis courts or community pool, and you can go canoeing or kayaking, fishing, or visit some of the many surrounding amenities available to you on the island. The rich history of the island means that there is something for everyone to enjoy