How to Avoid Overpacking For a Holiday

The packing tricks you wish you knew sooner

Words by Mystique Myrthil
November 21st, 2018

As the year comes to an end, you’re probably starting to plan a trip away for the new year. Scrolling through Instagram looking for the trendiest locations and filling your online shopping cart with swimwear (or skiwear). That, of course, is the fun part but the hard part for most people is packing. We’ve all been there before, with suitcases full to the brim with last minute items you threw in “just in case”. The end result is never good; it’s harder to carry around your luggage and you’re stuck with extra things you don’t end up wearing. To make packing for your next holiday a little easier, we’ve put together a list of a few ways to help you stay organised. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t thought of these before.

Pick The Right Suitcase

The bigger the case the heavier it will be. More often than not you will spend more time focusing on filling a larger case rather than packing just the essentials, so, opt for a small-medium size and see how you get on before going straight for the biggest suitcase you can find. A decent size carry-on is standard for short-term trips but if you’re planning a long-term trip go for a medium size.

Make A List And Check It Twice

The easiest way to get through packing is to have a list of everything you need/want to bring. It helps with organisation, preventing overpacking, and you won’t forget anything. You can even separate your list into different categories to make it fun and a little easier to keep track of things.

Be Minimal With Make-up & Accessories

You don’t need an entire makeup bag with you, just the items you use most and a select few eyeshadows and lipsticks in different shades to change things up a little and make your outfits stand out. If you can, opt for travel size containers when it comes to liquid foundation and primers- you don’t need the full size for a few days away and this way you’re saving on space and weight. Be mindful when it comes to choosing your accessories as well. Think strategically and bring shoes and bags that go with all outfits, not just one.

Wear Your Heavy Items On The Plane

If you’re planning a holiday somewhere cold, wear your coat, boots, and other heavy clothing on the plane. It will make your luggage lighter and give you space to add a few things you can’t live without. If you can, layer up on certain items as well, like T-shirts and sweaters.

Pack Half Of What You Need

It sounds weird, but you don’t actually have to fully pack for your trip. Once you’ve made your list, lay out everything you have on it and from there pick out the items you “want” and keep the items you need. It will save you plenty of space and keep your luggage lightweight. Say bye-bye to those extra sandals and tank tops.

Travel Snack Bag

This last one isn’t a packing tip, but having travel snacks is must, you’ve got to make room for those. You’re bound to get hungry at some point and airport food is pricey. Having a few things to munch on will keep money in your pockets and you happy!