The Travel Destinations Trending for 2017 According to Google

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Words by Michelle Hanley
May 25th, 2017

We’ve got your 2017 bucket list sorted with the top destinations trending on Google this season, whether you want to hike through the jungle, soul-search along ancient ruins or just stretch out on a deck chair, these travel destinations are sure to soothe your itch to explore this summer.

We delved through the data to source the top travel spots growing in popularity in the last year, according to Google analytics, Eastern European countries like Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have grown substantially in the last few years with the stunning surroundings of Bulgaria set to be centre stage for the coming summer. The Mediterranean coast is steadfast as always yet political unrest in Northern Africa and Turkey has seen a drop in a number of bookings this year. Yet with the cost of intercontinental flights varying, the chances of getting a good deal are higher this season. Combined with the low prices of luxury resorts in Asia, Africa and Central America, this means that more and more people are choosing to head further afield this summer. Scroll down to see which hotspots have made it onto our travel bucket list for 2017…

Sri Lanka

Get ready for a feast for the eyes as Sri Lanka is the tropical paradise of your dreams! Palm tree forests, white sand beaches, Buddhist temples, and exotic birds, this is the ideal getaway for relaxation.

Best time to go: Close to the equator the temperatures tend to stay pretty consistent the whole year around yet the drier weather is from April/May to September on the east coast.


Mexico City is a melty pot: Polanco is as chic and grand as Piccadilly while to the south you will find the bohemian cafés that housed Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Make sure you venture from the capital to any of the pristine beaches from Cabo to Cancun, Oaxaca in the south, a thriving food mecca not to be missed for culinary enthusiasts or take the road less traveled to Yucatán to see the ancient city of Mérida and cool off in the sinkhole cave swimming spots called cenotes.

Best time to go: Hot and dry the whole summer long. But be warned, the humidity can reach over 90% and the heat can be intense. Expect tropical storms from May-September, but they tend to pass over fast.

The Amalfi Coast

If you follow some of the top bloggers in the business you might have had to deal with the green-eyed monster as Instagram feeds last month were filled with envy-inducing scenes where cliffs meet the sea and sun-soaked boat trips provided by Tom Ford. The buildings seem to defy gravity in this filmset-worthy destination so it is little wonder it remains one of the most enduring summertime destinations.

Best time to go: You can soak up this sun right up to September so why not extend your trip to street style spot in Milan for Fashion Week which run from 20th to 27th September this year.

San Sebastián

One of the top foodie destinations in Europe, San Sebastian is famous for its pintxos, tiny tapas filled with flavour all for a minuscule price. If you are a long time sufferer of food envy then this type of dining is for you as you can order as many different varieties of these local delicacies as you like. The perfect base in Basque Country, as you are a stones-throw from the French surf town of Biarritz or Europe’s Guggenheim in Bilbao, the traveller’s choices are endless.

Best time to go: For Fete de Bayonne (26th to 30th July) in the neighbouring Basque town.


Ever dreamed of delving deep into the jungle? Then this is the place for you! With half the world’s population of wild gorrillas and many surprisingly affordable safaris available to explore the national parks, this is definitely an experience like no other.

Best time to go: For some winter sun and to miss the rainy season and relentless heat of high summer.


A stunning landscape of soaring pine covered mountains to sandy beaches Bulgaria has it all and for a fraction of the price that you would spend in most of mainland Europe. Things to look out for are their local take on Greek salad called shopka, a fruity liquor called rafia, and white and red tassels called martenitsa – a perfect accessory for you or your home.

Best time to go: June is rose season when the sweet smell of one of the country’s biggest exports fills the air.


The Portuguese capital has been shooting up the ranks as a top city break destination of late thanks to its proximity to stunning beaches, affordable dining, and trendy new quarters such as the LX Factory. Think stylish concept stores, independent galleries and a plethora of Instagramable brunch spots.

Best time to go: All summer long the breeze from the sea keeps the heat manageable.


As vibrant and enticing as the neons sign for which it is famed, this town is a wonderful mix of old and new where temples and shrines can be found by futuristic arcades and hedgehog cafés. Spend a day in design-hub Daikanyama and roam the brightly coloured streets of Harajuku complete with living anime characters.

Best time to go: June and July, avoid August when humidity is high in the city.

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