How Meditation Can Play a Positive Role During Pregnancy

Words by maven46
July 29th, 2019

Pregnancy is a period of numerous changes and intense preparations. The mind brims with questions, excitement, doubts, and worry – will my baby be healthy? Will I be a good mam? How much will labour hurt?

Whilst positivity and calmness are more vital than ever, during pregnancy it can be difficult to find your keel both mentally and physically. Engaging in meditation can help the mind cope with the added demands on your body and benefits your unborn baby in a number of important ways. Of course, a healthy diet also goes hand in hand with this, as the mind-gut connection shows, and supplements and vitamins such as Pregnacare can offer all-important nutritional support for the early stages of pregnancy.

Meditation Calms Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy is a brilliant state but it tends to provoke intense anxiety. Stress is normal and usually expected, but extended periods of anxiety can have a negative impact. According to Dr Louise Howards, professor of women’s mental health at King’s College, there is research that shows when cortisol and other stress-inducing hormones are released for long periods of time they trigger inflammatory responses that can lead to an increased risk of reduced birth weight or premature delivery.

Meditation is a great way to reduce this stress and calm the mind, plus it is easy to engage in anywhere, anytime, while supplements such as Vitabiotics can help aid the body nutritionally during this time. Due to stress and lots of processed foods, our gut bacteria isn’t always as healthy as it could be and supplements can also help support gut health and reduce inflammation in the body.

Get Better Sleep During Pregnancy with Meditation

You need to make the most of your nights before baby arrives. But unfortunately the body doesn’t always wish to play along – pregnancy can often be a period of insomnia as you find yourself needing to pee a dozen times a night or unable to find that right position to sleep in with your belly in the way.

Thankfully, practicing mindfulness meditation during the second trimester can lead to improved sleep for pregnant women.

photo: Arren Mills

Meditation Helps Create a Positive Birth Plan

Fear of giving birth is normal and valid – but fear can lead you to make decisions which can negatively affect the birthing experience. Meditation can help give you space and freedom to envision the birth you want – and to make it a reality.

Use guided imagery to help you visualise yourself positively ready, and in complete sync, closer to your due date. This will help you to focus on your mind and to erase the negativity to help prevent a traumatic birthing experience for you and baby.

Prenatal Meditation Can Reduce Risk of Depression

On average, depression can affect up to one in five women during pregnancy. Meditation, however, is a known stress-reliever and can help reduce symptoms in women prone to high risk of depression, thus helping to avert the stress associated with the illness and boosting a feeling of connectedness mothers have with their infants.

Meditating Allows You to Get to Know Your Baby

For some women, in utero communication comes naturally and easily. While for others, making a connection to the bump can make some women feel silly, embarrassed or odd talking to their bellies. Meditation is a beautiful process to bond with the growing bean without feeling ridiculous or risking judgment.

Visualise yourself with the baby in your womb, tell her how loved she/he is, and envision embracing and kissing them. Sending positive thoughts to your unborn child helps foster a bond that will flourish and last long after the baby is born.


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