How to Bring Colour Into Your Home

how to add colour to your home

Words by Morgan
February 20th, 2019

Getting stuck into a new project is one of life’s little thrills, and there’s no type of project greater than a redecorating project.

Getting to pick out new schemes, accessories, and furniture, it’s something that can excite from start to finish. One thing you have to think about when you redecorate is colour, which is something everyone talks about all the time. While some colours are more popular than others, it actually plays a bigger part in your home than you’d think, as it can affect the way you feel.

While there are no set rules on what colours should go where, or what colours make you happy or sad, there are a number of different ways to bring colour into your home. Let us break them down for you below.


Of course, your walls are the most obvious spot, but they’re also the biggest part of any room and you’re sure to see them at all times. Because of this, people tend to stick to more neutral tones for their walls, with the addition of some pictures or a bit of art. While this is a great idea, and has proven to work, you could go for one feature wall, with your favourite colour, to really brighten your home and your day.

The Floor

While you may not have thought of it, your floors are the ideal way to add splashes of colour. If you don’t want a bold coloured carpet, then rugs can help add that pop of happiness to otherwise neutral floors. Meanwhile, wooden floors can easily be painted to add some wow factor. A great trick with wooden floors is to make them white or grey, before adding a bold rug on top.


If colouring in the walls or floors seems a bit permanent, then why not brighten the room up with furniture? From your sofa and chairs to your dining table, a few colourful side tables and even a coffee or console table, all of these can work to add a little personality to a room.


However, brightening up the furniture may also seem a little out there. After all, you don’t know if the trends will change by next week, or if you’ll change your mind next week, ultimately leaving you with expensive, colourful furniture you don’t want any more. This is why accessories are key to any room. From brightly coloured cushions and blankets to colourful vases, lamp shades, and even those little touches like photo frames and coasters, these are things that aren’t too expensive to switch about when the mood takes you.

These are just a few ways to add some colour to your room, but keep in mind that the colour choices are all yours. So, find what makes you happy and then brighten up your home with ease.