Going Green | 12 Items to Transform Your Home

Refresh your space with evergreen shades

Words by Beatrice De Franceschi
October 31st, 2017

As the Pantone Colour of the Year, all things greenery have been taking over our homes but as we delve deeper into autumn we’re moving away from the zesty yellow-green shade and turning towards deeper evergreen shades emblematic of nature.

If you’re bored of the minimal, barely there decor which has been so popular of late (with thanks in part to the hygge phenomenon) then this is the perfect colour trend to refresh your home as green is nature’s own neutral. Adorn your space with homeware in varying shades of emerald, avocado and sage or go one step further and paint a solitary wall green to lift the room. This is one hue that works in every part of the home so don’t be afraid to incorporate it everywhere.

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