13 of the Best Halloween Decorations on the Internet

Your decor need not be frightful!

Words by Michelle Hanley
October 27th, 2017

It can be damn near impossible to not go all out tacky while decorating for Halloween and while there’s nothing wrong with kitsch, for those who prefer a more tasteful touch we’ve managed to scrape together some spooky yet stylish decor tips that won’t hurt your eyes this Hallows’ Eve.

Decorations have come along way in recent years and DIY inspirations found online are a far cry from the spider web and black sack walls of childhood Halloween parties past. And while the classic Halloween colour scheme is far from being our favourite, from toxic waste green to pumpkin orange, we can always get on board with black which creates a perfectly moody vibe. 

However, if crafting is not your thing then fear not as we’ve taken the pain out of finding tasteful touches for your haunted house by adding shoppable bits to nab before the big night below. Happy Halloween!


No-Carve Witchcraft

No-carve pumpkin decorating is all the rage and let’s face it, there’s thankfully far less mess involved than the traditional method. Needless to say, we will be swapping out our carving knife for a paintbrush this year.

(via Homey Oh My)



Cat Eyes

Adding a set of LEDs is a great way to up your bunting game. We love these simple yet effective cut-out cats and ghosts, a ten-minute transformation of your trusty fairy lights.

(via My Cakies)


Crafted Crawlies

The sheer size of these spiders is enough to create an impact! We love the tassel embellishment and, in particular, the stylish host’s white wig!

(via Oh Happy Day)


A Trick in Your Treat

So simple and effective, these plastic spiders found in any self-respecting pound shop this time of year are the perfect size for your ice tray. Genius!

(via T. J. Maxx)


Ghoulish Garland

You can’t go wrong with straw bunting and the striped patterns in this design are remnant of the classic Halloween treat, candy corn.

(via Tell Love and Chocolate)


Thrilling Tulle

A quick and easy way to transform your balloons is to cover them in black tulle, a fabric that also happens to be bang on trend at the moment.

(via Poppy Talk)


Abandoned Abode

Covering your furniture with plain white sheets immediately gives an eery, abandoned look. Don’t forget to gather as many candelabras as you can to complete your haunted house.

(via Tami Barrett)


Create a Cave

Cutouts have never looked this good. The fishing wire gives the impression that the bats are mid-flight but if you lose the will to live while hanging them from the ceiling then try sticking them to the walls in the style of Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

(via Getty)


What’s Your Poison?

This is sure to be your guests’ favourite gag, but this bottle is just the tip of the iceberg, click through to see more of this stylish setting by The Beauty Dojo  you won’t be disappointed!

(via The Beauty Dojo)


Vamp Up Your Doorway

The best Halloween bunting spotted on the internet has to be these vampire fangs. Cheap as chips to make and perfect against a dark wall or doorway.

(via The House That Lars Built)


Haunted Hangings

These hanging witches’ hats are sure to put a spell on you. Just put on Hocus Pocus, The Craft or Practical Magic so when your coven comes in and rest their broomsticks, all you need do is get the cauldron bubbling!

(via Polka Dot Chair)


Balloons That Go ‘Boo’ in the Night

Foil balloons add a touch of fun to any soiree so why not give your macabre midnight meet-up a touch of magic?

(via Modcloth)


Print, Don’t Panic 

Perfect for those with no time or skill, Etsy is full to the brim with printable posters that will take the panic out of last minute preparations.

(Via Stamplovesink)

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