Is the Bingo Hall a Good Place to Meet a Man?

Words by maven46
January 8th, 2020

In the golden age of the bingo hall in the 1990s, the social hotspots that could be found in almost every town across the UK were brimming with women. The pastime gained a reputation as being highly female-oriented and indeed, bingo has found it hard to shake this image. The bingo hall would be the last place that many women would think to go looking for a potential partner, but that could all be about to change. The era of internet bingo has changed the game and now a large number of men are finding it appealing.

Bingo halls began to decline during the 2000s for many reasons, with the smoking ban being one of the main factors. In 2014, it was reported at that there were just 380 bingo halls left in the UK, down from 600 eight years previously. The smoking ban was introduced countrywide midway through 2007, so it seems as though this had a direct effect on the industry.

Despite all this, bingo has made a swift comeback online in the last five years. It has changed a lot as well, and bingo sites are looking to offer much more than the simple ball draws of old. At, for instance, there are different forms of bingo and other games such as slots and table games. The whole design of the site is geared towards a range of markets outside of the typical bingo audience of old.

Now that it has gone digital, bingo is looking to redefine itself as a pastime for both men and women of all ages. In fact, a lot of men have found it easy to play online without the stigma of playing a game which is generally associated with women. Findings suggest that the game is still dominated by women, but 25 percent of players are men. It is becoming more popular with Millenials and Gen Z players too, with 25 percent of players aged being between 18 and 35 in a 2017 study.

Because bingo is hugely popular online, bingo halls are now attracting more players. And this time, the numbers are much more mixed. It could actually be a great place to go out and meet a new man. The relaxed atmosphere where everyone is having a good laugh means that it is easy to get talking to anyone. There is also the fact that everyone is playing the same game, so it’s easy to break the ice and get a conversation started, as discussed at If you’re one of those people who prefers to meet people online, you could try and get chatting to one in an online bingo chat room and then suggest going out on a date to a live bingo game.

Having a common activity to take part in while getting to know someone can make the first date process a whole lot easier. With the bingo hall being a notoriously relaxed and enjoyable place, there may actually be many opportunities to meet a new man when playing. If you haven’t played before, get down to a local establishment and see if you can get lucky. You may even end up winning at bingo.


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