Unusual and Fun Ideas for Entertaining Party Guests This Bank Holiday Weekend

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Words by maven46
October 24th, 2019

With the October bank holiday coming up, we are taking a look at fun ways you can entertain at home this weekend. If you are planning on throwing a party or simply inviting a few guests round for dinner, why not shake things up a little and introduce some games into the mix?

Reinvent traditional party games

Charades is an old favourite but can be a little stale and doesn’t really add a unique sense of fun to the evening. So, why not try more modern games such as Cranium and Cards Against Humanity? However, beware that Cards Against Humanity is controversial, un-PC and self-described as a ‘party game for horrible people’, so if you’re planning on playing this game, invite guests who won’t be easily offended!

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Casino games

Organising a casino-themed evening can be great fun, either hiring the games like a roulette wheel and poker table, or setting up an online casino tournament for your guests. You could join online games on websites like Betfair to win real prizes and choose from a selection of fun casino games.

Bring in an act

If you’re having a large soiree and have enough space, you could hire an entertainer for an hour or two. Maybe you have a local musician that you really like and you could ask them to perform your favourite hits and get your guests up dancing the night away.

Murder Mystery

You can host a murder mystery game at your house by getting a package from a company that specialises in providing this type of entertainment. They can customise your game to the number of guests, type of venue and you can even choose from different plots. This kind of event suits guests that are good sports and will have no qualms getting involved in the solving of the mysteries, getting into character with costumes and other items included in the package.

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Hot Food Roulette

If your guests are foodies that don’t mind a bit of extra punch to their food, then they might enjoy a hot food roulette game. For this, you will need a spinner and some creative cooking! If there are six dinner guests, create five portions of a standard meal and the sixth is spiced up as far as you want to go. Each guest takes it in turns to spin the wheel and select the dish indicated by the spinner and one lucky person will no doubt start perspiring quite quickly! This works best if you do lots of small dishes, so that the game keeps going and people actually get to eat some food that they enjoy! Obviously, it is important to check any allergies with guests and that they can handle their spices.

Next time you organise a party, make sure that you crank up the fun with one of these great entertainment ideas.


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