12 Stylish Reusable Water Bottles & Coffee Cups That Will Make You Ditch Plastic

Quench your thirst with these eco-friendly alternatives

Stylish reusable water bottles and travel mugs

Words by Nicole Thomsen
July 31st, 2019

What feels better than that first sip of coffee in the morning or a thirst-quenching gulp of ice cold water? The knowledge that you’re helping to save the planet with your choice of drinkware is certainly a nice bonus.

As the top producer of plastic waste in Europe, Ireland produces the equivalent of nearly 2,000 water bottles, or 5,550 disposable coffee cups, per person annually. That’s an excessive amount of plastic, less than half of which is actually recycled while the rest is either incinerated, sent to landfills, or winds up in the ocean.

So, what can you do to reduce this scary statistic and help save the planet?

Investing in reusable water bottles and travel mugs is a small start that has the power to make a huge difference. Not only do they look good and feel good, they also do good for both the environment and your pocket. As an added incentive, some cafés across the country even offer a small discount to those who bring their own coffee cup with them. Now that’s something we can get behind. Browse our favourite stylish, reusable water bottles and coffee cups in the edit below.

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