5 Reasons You Should Visit Portugal

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Words by Morgan
March 21st, 2019

While Ireland is still juggling between spring and winter weather, many of us are longing for those warmer days and longer nights. To help get you through this seemingly endless winter, why not start planning that well-deserved summer holiday?

With cheap air travel at your fingertips, it can be hard to decide where exactly to go. However, you needn’t travel to the other side of the world to find that perfect spot. In less than just three hours, you can find yourself in the culture-rich and dreamy Portugal. Flying into Faro and using Faro airport transfers allows you to adventure all over this stunning country. Renowned for its beaches, Portugal is a beautiful country that is sure to satisfy your wanderlust. With that in mind, let’s look at the top five reasons you should consider Portugal for your summer holiday this year.

1. History

The country was born in 1143 and still has the same borders as it did during the 11th century. Because of this, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe and has been lucky enough to be able to preserve a huge amount of its history. Although Portugal has a lot of similar architecture to Spain, it’s incredibly unique and even inspired Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. If you’re a total Potterhead, take a trip to Livraria Lello, a bookstore in the city of Porto, and you might just find it seemingly familiar. That’s because this bookstore served as inspiration for Hogwarts Library.

2. Food and Drink

While the Portuguese cuisine might not be all that well-known around the world, there is plenty to fall in love with. Thanks to gorgeous oceanic coats, Portugal serves up incredible seafood. Some popular national dishes include caldo verde, a soup made with potato, shredded greens and chouriço, a spicy Portuguese sausage as well as salted cod. A top sweet dish is arroz doce which is rice pudding that is decorated with cinnamon. The perfect compliment to these dishes would be some Portuguese wine and luckily there is an abundance of beautiful wines in Portugal with vinho verde being the favourite choice for summer meals.

3. Weather

If your main goal this summer is to kick back and relax in some sunshine, then Portugal will not disappoint. Summers are hot and winters are mild which makes Portugal a great choice all year-round. Like any country, the climate varies depending on which area you’re visiting. The Algarve typically has a more Mediterranean climate whereas the north of the country has more distinguishable season changes. No matter the destination, Portugal sees 300 days of sunshine and average temperatures of 27°C between April and October with a peak of 33°C in the height of summer.

4. Beaches

One of the main reasons we all jet off in the summer is to seek out those stunning beaches. Not to disappoint, Portugal has an array of unbelievable beaches that are sure to leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into a traveller’s paradise. The white sands and surrounding rocky terrains compliment the aquamarine seas perfectly. In particular, the Algarve beaches are the most popular.

5. Festivals

If you’re after something a little more cultural and active, then make sure you travel to Portugal during the many festival seasons. If you’re after a winter break, then carnival parades are aplenty in February. Lisbon and the Algarve, in particular, are hotspots for carnivals. With vivid colours and sequins, prepare to be dazzled and swept up in the carnival atmosphere. Alternatively, in April/March there is the Semana Santa (Holy Week). During this time cities and towns are ordained with flowers and lights which offer a truly dream worthy scene.