Top 5 Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read

Kick-start your business with these inspiring reads

Top 5 Female Entrepreneur Books

Words by Margaret Young
February 8th, 2019

Maria Hatzistefanis is the founder and CEO of skin care brands Rodial and Nip + Fab, which she started in 1999 from her spare bedroom and local Starbucks. How to Be an Overnight Success sets out all the business and life lessons to be learned via Maria’s story with so much honestly and tenaciousness. As this book takes a really practical approach, I read the digital version initially and then purchased the hardback so I could make my own notes on the chapter summaries which are really helpful and turned this book into a workbook as well as a to-do list for myself.

There is now also an accompanying podcast called Overnight Success which is equally as good.

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Primarily aimed at school or college leavers ready to start an apprenticeship or internships, this book, written by PR guru Aliza Licht, is actually a source of really good advice for any stage of your career. Full of useful guidance, I particularly liked all of the tips on how to handle working with and for different personalities. As Aliza ran an anonymous Gossip Girl-style Twitter account @DKNYPRGIRL, there is also advice on social media, digital and youtube marketing and the often overlooked in-person networking.

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Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. This book focuses predominantly on online business, but a lot of the principals apply to offline businesses too. She Means Business takes you through the whole process from idea to execution. It also talks a lot about mindset which I, like many others, hadn’t even considered. This book was absolutely instrumental in my resigning from my job to start my business in 2017. I recommend listening to it read aloud by the author on Audible too to really “condition your mind for success” as Carrie puts it.

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You may recognise Tamara Mellon as the co-founder of Jimmy Choo and now her own self-named brand. If you are expecting glitz and glam, then this book will bring your expectations down to earth. Although born with a silver spoon, Tamara had a lot of obstacles personally and professionally on her path to career success. In My Shoes is part autobiography, part business lesson and is a crash course on takeovers, equity, exit strategies and shareholding.

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Janet Murray is a journalist turned public relations and now marketing expert. Her podcasts, of which there are over 300 episodes, are an education in how to get press coverage for your business and so much more. This book lays out in simple terms how and where to pitch your stories to the media which is an essential skill for start-up and small businesses who don’t have the luxury of a PR agency yet.

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Margaret Young is a Dublin-based professional providing business services in the medical, health and wellness industries and training for administrative professionals.