Create a Positive Home With 5 Simple Changes

5-positive-changes-home-fashion-magazine3photo: Daniil Silantev

Words by Jainnie Smith
February 5th, 2019

Walking into your home should make all the daily stresses slip away, and sometimes making small interior changes can help create a calm and peaceful environment so that positive energy can flow.

Today’s lifestyle can be hectic with continuous updates, notifications, and interaction with the outside world meaning it is now harder than ever to escape. Therefore, it is important to create a place of tranquillity, where you can enjoy alone time, or time with friends and family to do whatever you like without distractions.

1. Update That Colour Theme

According to psychological studies, colours and shades can affect mood, which is why it is important to get them right. In 2019, the colours that are on trend are:

Pale Green
Light Pink
Misty Blue
Bright Yellow

When it comes to lifting your mood it is important to get the shade correct as a deep green can have negative effects whereas pale shades can lighten your mood. When it comes to bright yellow this colour is linked to optimism and happiness.

photo: Michael Browning

Changing the colour of your room, or adding these colours into your space can have a positive impact, so give it a go.

2. Share Happy Memories

The minimalist look is out and the wall of memories is in. We only have to watch reality TV to see walls of photo collages filled with happy memories showcased around spectacular homes, and this is a great way to remind yourself of happy memories.

Surrounding yourself with images that evoke positive moments is the perfect way to increase positivity. But images aren’t the only way; you may have travelled the world, or have that one place that makes you feel relaxed and you can include souvenirs to remind you of the place or time.

One trend you will see this year is the nomadic trend, where soft furnishing and ornaments are from foreign shores where you have found peace or have felt inspired.

3. Declutter

Remove anything you do not need — this can create a hectic space meaning there’s no room for positivity. Creating a practical space that allows for fluid movement can allow you to feel less stress, spending less time tidying up and more time creating happy memories.

4. Include Some Plants

The power of plants is infectious, by bringing nature into the home you are reminded of brisk walks and tranquil sounds from nature. As well as mindful effects, plants also have positive effects on health, with plants helping to clean and re-oxygenate indoor air.

photo: Jason Leung
photo: Lucas Alexander

5. Reduce Technology Use

Finding a way to reduce the use of technology can help relax the mind and one of the simplest ways to do this is by banning the use of mobile phones, tablets, and televisions at the dinner table. Creating that one area within the home where technology is not allowed will help you find a place to escape.

This requires changing the way you operate in the room, which on some level can be harder than changing the interiors. However, for best results it’s important for those living within the home to want positive changes, meaning it all starts with you.

To put your mind at ease you should also ensure your home is insured by someone you can rely on such as Chill Home Insurance to help settle your mind so that if the worst was to happen you know you’re covered.

Let us know your tips for creating a positive home by leaving a comment below.