Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

alternative ways to celebrate anniversary

Words by Morgan
February 26th, 2019

When it comes to celebrating an anniversary, most people come up with the same ideas; romantic dinners, cinema trips, indoor movie nights, walks on the beach etc. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these activities, but if you and your partner want to do something a little more original this year, then there’s no harm in that either.

Still, there are some things that should always remain — the little things such as breakfast in bed, remembering to actually wish your other half ‘happy anniversary’, and the giving and receiving of cards. If you need help in this arena, and let’s face it, most of us do, online stores such as the Card Factory offer a wide selection of affordable and personalisable cards to choose from, whatever your personality. Other than this though, there are a handful of alternative ways to celebrate your anniversary, and they can be just as fun and endearing as the usual suspects, if not better.

If you’re willing to try something different, you’ll get some good results in turn for your efforts! Consequently, here are some alternative ways to celebrate your anniversary.

The Adventure Hike

While many people perceive hiking to be a laborious process, it can actually be very therapeutic and engaging. Whisk your partner off to valleys or mountainous regions and walk through those trails with your boots and backpacks. You’ll have fresh air, glorious sunshine, and sweeping views to enjoy too. Give it a go!

Remember, there’s no bonding experience quite like an adventure. Even if things go wrong, such as getting lost or getting the odd knock and scrape, you and your partner can muddle through it all together as a team. It’s a great experience for you both to share, perfect for taking a few photos and creating new and wonderful memories!

Road Trips and Boat Rides

Sticking with the theme of adventure, why not go on a road trip? It’s fitting in a way; you and your partner are barrelling into the future together, exploring, trying new things. In a sense, this kind of adventure will give your relationship the sense of renewal or rejuvenation. Buckle in and hit the road – who knows what you’ll find?

Obviously, you needn’t keep to the roads either. Why not head out on a boat if the day is bright and cheerful? Bring a bottle of champagne, a picnic, and kick back and relax on the open waters. You could even go for a swim together.

Where You Met

No one likes having a forgetful partner. After all, it’s only funny to be forgetful when you’re much older, so really do everything you can to show that you remember your anniversary, and also value it as a date too. You can incorporate this kind of thoughtfulness into your plans! For example, take your partner back to the spot where you met. Yes, it’s cheesy, almost to the point of toe-curling! But still, it shows that you’re willing to go out on a limb and make a bit of a cringey idiot of yourself in order to show your partner how much you care. Sometimes the best acts of love are the silliest and make you the most vulnerable, so go all in.