5 Free Essential Apps for Business Women

The must-have apps every businesswoman should use

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Words by Margaret Young
February 21st, 2019


Financial software for small businesses

I first heard about Wave from fellow virtual assistants and trainers and I’m so grateful because I have used it from Day 1 to generate invoices and track payments. It’s an absolute breeze to use and has a very helpful dashboard so you can see your income situation at a glance. You can choose exactly when to send payment reminders which depersonalises debt collection and you can issue receipts when payment are received. I have introduced a number of clients to Wave. A surprising number of successful small businesses are raising invoices in MS Word and tracking them in MS Excel so moving to Wave will revolutionise your accounts. You can also scan and track receipts if you use it for your expenses too. Highly recommend.


A simple online timer with a powerful timesheet calculator

I first heard about this from my VA community. For those of us who work for multiple clients for set periods of time, this is essential — once you remember to turn it on and off! It can generate reports for yourself or clients too. Really handy for recording how long you spend on tasks in general. If you want to improve your productivity, try using it and see how less distracted you can be. If I know I am on this timer there is no mindless Instagram scrolling being done.


If you have ever tried to organise a meeting with multiple busy people via MS Outlook or Gmail, you know the pain and hassle it can cause. Doodle aims to minimise all that. It’s an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a suitable date and time to meet with multiple people. The hours I wasted as a PA before I discovered this!


A simple way to send files of up to 2 GB for free

You don’t need to attach large files to emails anymore, clogging up your own outbox as well as your recipient’s inbox. If you often find yourself trying to split files that bounce back due to their size, this is the app for you. Also great for sending documents and photos etc. to new contacts who might be wary of opening large files from people they are not sure about. When they receive the notification from WeTransfer, they have a week to decide whether or not to download the files. I use this at least weekly and it’s brilliant. There is a premium version available for larger files ranging from 2 GB to 20 GB.

Podcast Player

Although there are many podcast apps available, Podcast Player is my favourite. For some reason, I prefer to keep my podcast listening separate to music, so I don’t tend to use the podcast function on Spotify. Podcast Player is clean and simple to use, and I like to see all subscriptions on one screen. Listening to podcasts has helped me so much in my entrepreneurial journey over the last two years, from educating me on subjects and skills I needed to learn to keeping me company on those long days alone in my office!

Margaret Young is a Dublin-based professional providing business services in the medical, health and wellness industries and training for administrative professionals.