The Instagram Artists the Fashion World Loves

For feeds in need of an artsy update


Words by Nicole Thomsen
January 28th, 2019

2018 was a big year for Instagram with the launch of IGTV, ‘Your Activity’, the new measurement feature that tracks the amount of time you spend on the app per day — shudders — and Video Chat. But 2018 was even bigger yet for Instagram artists.

The photo-sharing app has long been the place for fashion bloggers to exhibit their day to day Lewks but in 2018, more and more began sharing not only their OOTD but their favourite works of art too, turning their accounts into digitally curated mood boards and thus shining their spotlight on the artists behind these pieces.


From Picasso-esque one-line drawings to reactionary art and Photoshop mashups that have put the fun back into fashion, if your follow list is in need of an artsy update, these are the Instagram artists the fashion world can’t get enough of.

Kit Agar



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Kit Agar is a London-based artist and illustrator with an affinity for the colour pink. Her digitally drawn prints, which often reference the female form and abstract shapes, stand out in a constant stream of avocado on toast pictures, begging you to stop scrolling and take a closer look.

Christiane Spangsberg



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You may have noticed an influx of artists and influencers alike sharing images of one-line drawings such as those by Christiane Spangsberg. Inspired by Picasso with a hint of Matisse, Spangsberg is a Danish artist whose sometimes colourful, sometimes monochromatic line drawings are striking and beguiling, and well worth hanging in your home — or perusing on Instagram.

B.D. Graft



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Sometimes you just want to look at nice things and that’s exactly what this Instagram account by artist Brian de Graft offers. Peppering your feed with drawings, collages and a hefty dose of the colour yellow, these pieces will cheer you up just by looking at them.

James Wilson



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James Wilson’s one-line drawings have become so popular, they’ve been repurposed on tote bags, iPhone cases, jewellery, and even tattooed on fellow Instagrammers’ bodies. Follow if you’re a fan of Matisse and wearing your art.




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Photoshop is a powerful tool and this Instagram account utilises it to great effect, reimagining high fashion images and icons in decidedly low-brow situations. Par exemple, in one post taken from a scene in Friends, a model is pictured in Monica’s kitchen wearing the jacket that spawned a thousand memes, Balenciaga’s multi-layered parka, striking a resemblance to a look sported by the one and only Joey Tribbiani in The One Where Joey Wears All of Chandler’s Clothes. Deemed Fashion’s funniest account, follow for posts that will genuinely make you laugh out loud.

Freddie Made



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If you’ve ever wanted to see the Queen of England in a pair of Balenciaga over-the-knee boots or Judi Dench posing in a Burberry trench (get it? Judi Trench?), then Instagram artist and graphic designer Freddie Smithson A.K.A. Freddie Made should be top of your follow list. Similar to Siduations, Freddie Made creates tongue-in-cheek mashups of the biggest cultural icons from the worlds of fashion, film, politics, you name it, wearing the latest street style and catwalk trends.