Staying In is the New Going Out

And millennials are leading the trend according to new data

DFS staying in is the new going out - maven46

Words by Tanya Grimson
November 14th, 2018

According to research undertaken by leading sofa and interior supplier, DFS, staying in is undeniably the new going out with over 56% of those who took the survey opting to stay in on weekends while 58% have said they go out significantly less at weekends compared to 2017.

Reasons cited for the ‘going out’ exodus is our growing affection for home comforts; choosing your own movie to watch at your own leisure and relaxing in a seat you don’t have to fight for, all make staying in a more appealing option as the data shows. And although it would be easy to assume this data relates to those with families or is more of a generational trend, these findings revealed millennials showed a higher score, with over 61% choosing to entertain at home in comparison to a nationwide average of 54%. An overwhelming 75% said that being able to sit down and relax on their own sofa topped their reasons for choosing to stay in while being able to hear each other talk was also just as important as having their own seat.


Because of this increasing desire to fully indulge in the surroundings of your own home, the seat has now become the most coveted piece of furniture in the house, and the sofa is the icon of the room. It is the place where people choose to relax, unwind and feel comfortable but it is also the focal point of the room and more often than not the investment piece that many will enjoy over time. According to DFS, almost 40% of those who took the survey admitted to spending more money on their living spaces compared to 2016. DFS also cited a significant increase in the purchase of sofas in 2018, most notably in the very en vogue fashion fabric, velvet, with a 355% increase in the purchase of this luxurious sofa cover. Lauren Harris, Senior Designer at DFS, commented, “The increase in sales of velvet coverings and the desire to mix different styles is a really clear reflection of how the nation is designing its living rooms.”

DFS, The Staying Inn - Chair, €629

To acknowledge and celebrate this new societal change, DFS recently created The Staying Inn experience in London, which I had the pleasure of being able to attend. Styled by design gurus, 2LG Studio, they created the ultimate ‘hometertainment’ immersive experience in the Tanner & Co building that ran from October 25th – October 30th. DFS used this space as an opportunity to showcase the brand’s latest collection of luxurious homeware in six individually styled lounge spaces that catered to different tastes. To allow us to fully engage in The Staying Inn experience, Kenny Tutt, MasterChef 2018 Champion, was on hand to create the ultimate comfort food menu that fully embodied and encouraged the notion of dining at home- but also dining well and dining right. The menu included Stilton and chutney rarebit bites, lobster croquettes, followed by pork shoulder stew, smoked mature cheddar dumplings, fish pie topped with champ and a winter Buddha bowl with couscous, charred broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes and sumac. Dessert was a selection of raspberry meringue pies, salted caramel cheesecake and Black Forest bites. Tutt’s culinary contribution was a beautiful touch by DFS that really allowed us to indulge in what they were trying to demonstrate- to show how being at home is no longer a second best option but that it can be a richer and ultimately more enjoyable experience with the simple addition of well-thought-out living spaces that inspire you to not only stay at home but entertain in that space too.

DFS, The Staying Inn
DFS, The Staying Inn

As a working mum it doesn’t take a huge amount of convincing to stay in, but with inspiration bountiful on social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, making that living space your favourite place to be in is now easier than ever. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life such as your favourite show coming back for a new season on Netflix, a glass of Vinho Verde, a blanket and your sofa that actually make the world go round. And thankfully, now I don’t have to say it’s because I am getting old that I choose this way of living, but because the world is turning and the compass is firmly pointing homeward bound.