5 Reasons Why We’re Loving Iceland Right Now

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Words by Nicole Thomsen
November 12th, 2018

Iceland once seemed so far away, a near-mythical land where volcanoes and glaciers are as common as pubs and tea are to Ireland. But now, everywhere you look you can see the influence that this small Nordic country has had on Europe in recent times, whether it’s travel, design or food related.

From the striking landscape to its traditional foodie scene, there’s so much more than Björk to discover. Here are five reasons why we’re loving everything Icelandic right now.

Fashion /

Galvan London AW18

Iceland might not be the first place that springs to mind when it comes to the topic of fashion but that is exactly what makes this Nordic country so much more exciting right now. With a host of little-known and rising designers and style stars such as Irena Sveins, Icelandic fashion is just waiting to be discovered. One such brand which entered the limelight to much acclaim in recent years is Galvan London, co-founded by Icelandic designer and creative director, Sola Karadottir. The luxury eveningwear brand—which is heavily influenced by Icelandic nature whether it’s via the collections’ colour palettes and textures, or the campaign imagery—has fast become a go-to for red carpet events among the A-list (think Sienna Miller, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lawrence at the Met Gala). The brand designs eveningwear that is contemporary and cool and which will leave you yearning to wear it again and again, regardless of who’s already seen you in it.

Beauty /

If you can’t quite commit to bi-monthly trips to Iceland to breathe in the country’s glacial air and bathe in its restorative waters then Bioeffect is the next best thing. This pioneering skincare brand taps into the rich properties of native plants and ingredients that are able to grow in the harsh Icelandic climate. Revered by locals, with over 30% of Icelandic women including Bioeffect as part of their skincare regimes, it is the groundbreaking EGF Serum that is truly worth adding to your beauty cabinet. This lightweight, moisturising treatment is formulated with Epidermal Growth Factor that naturally activates cell regeneration and minimises signs of ageing for a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Interiors /

FÓLK Nomad Wall Shelf

Moving on from our obsession with Denmark and all things hygge, Icelandic design is having a moment. The natural and refined aesthetic of local designers such as Ragna Sara, the founder of design and lifestyle company FÓLK, reflect the country’s raw but beautiful landscape with earthy touches. Due to the island’s remote climate and lack of resources, sustainability is an important aspect of Icelandic design, and the brand ethos at FÓLK, which is why you’ll find an emphasis on recyclable and natural materials.

Food /

If you want to eat like a local, a pot of Skyr is a good place to start. Best described as a marriage between Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, Skyr is a fat-free yogurt that is high in protein and a source of calcium that has been loved by Icelanders for the past 1000 years. But while this rich and creamy delicacy is native to Iceland, you don’t have to book a trip abroad just to try it; Danone Light & Free* SKYR Icelandic Style Yogurt can be found in your local supermarket so you can satisfy those cravings whenever they hit. With 0% Fat, 0% Added Sugar and 14G PROTEIN in every pot, it’s the perfect snack.

Travel /

Blue Lagoon
Northern Lights

There’s more than one reason why Iceland now tops every millennial’s list of places to visit. Between the breathtaking display of the Northern Lights, the abundance of glaciers, thundering waterfalls and lava fields, and the Great Geysir, it is a country like no other. Of course, no trip to Iceland is complete without a dip in the Blue Lagoon. Touristy it may be, relaxing in mineral-rich hot water from far beneath the earth, set against the rugged lava landscape is not something you get the chance to do every day and should not be missed. Just arrive early to beat the crowds.

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