5 Exercise Trends to Try Now

And how to dress for them

Words by Emma Tiernan
August 27th, 2018

As one season comes to an end and a new season begins, now is as good a time as any to get in the routine of a new fitness trend. Don’t wait until the new year for the new you to come around. Interests in wellness and fitness have never been higher and with popularity soaring, new and innovative ways to work out have emerged to please the masses. First, there was the obsession with spinning, then Zumba and then Pilates, but what’s next on the agenda? How about embracing your inner ballerina or trying your hand at an Olympic sport? Discover the most popular trends in fitness right now, plus inspiration for how to look the part.


In the words of Van Halen, “You might as well jump, go ahead and jump”, because that is the newest craze to take over the fitness world. Trampolining is an Olympic sport and has gained serious popularity recently as an alternative way to work out and try something new. Now, you might have had a trampoline when you were a child and have fond memories about trampolining, but this class is a little different from just jumping around and doing poorly executed backflips in your backyard. As an exercise class, you will be taught by professionals how to do various gymnastic moves while bouncing on a trampoline; talk about a workout that is great fun and burns some serious calories at the same time.



photo: Free People

Say goodbye to torturous 7 am spin classes and hello to this kickass comeback workout as boxing appears to be the new Soul Cycle. If you are looking for a workout where you burn fat and tone your body while simultaneously building strength then boxing is the one for you. Not only that, boxing is also a great stress reliever and helps improve your mood, which makes it the perfect after work workout.


photo: White Fox

A trend that is massive in the big metropolitan cities like New York, LA and London is Barre. Barre contains a mixture of elements from Pilates, dance and yoga all the while using the barre as a prop for balance, hence the name, and different exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to help sculpt your body. The type of dance associated with barre is ballet, so grab your dancing shoes and hit the barre.

Mindfulness Workouts

photo: Free People

It may not exactly sound like a workout, but mindfulness is sweeping over the fitness world like wildfire. Meditation classes are becoming more and more popular among those who seek some time to relax and re-centre themselves if they are feeling stressed. Restorative yoga is another popular mindfulness class as it is a slow, gentle practice that aims to reduce stress and improve health. This type of yoga practice, as well as meditation classes, are aimed at those of us who lead busy lives and need help to press pause and unwind.

Digital Fitness

Introducing ‘digital fitness’, for those of us who are too busy to even make it to a gym. Not exactly a revolutionary new idea, at home workouts have been around ever since VCRs existed (remember them?). However, there is a new wave of people opting for at home workouts rather than class workouts thanks to platforms like Fiit, which markets itself as a boutique fitness studio in your living room. Their aim is to break down the barriers to fitness and create a truly motivating, connected fitness experience for everyone. As well as platforms specifically tailored for exercises classes with professional trainers, there is also free platforms like YouTube which many fitness vloggers upload workouts on- our favourites are Yoga with Adriene and The Body Coach for quick HIIT sessions.