Are Your Design Skills Pin-Worthy? Find Out The Top Interior Trends According To Pinterest

According to Pinterest's Newsroom, the following trends have been flooding their search bar and finding their places in homes all around the world

Words by Angie Jachniw
July 5th, 2018

According to Pinterest’s 2018 home report…

Step aside House and Home and Better Homes and Gardens! The competition is here, and it is seriously fierce. As the authority of our beloved internet continues to permeate by the hour, it’s only to be expected that interior design magazines have taken a backseat to Pinterest’s treasure troth of inspiration boards. With immediate access to thousands of DIY ideas and quick fixes, renovating your downstairs bathroom into a beach villa oasis almost always sounds like a good idea. As of 2018, Pinterest claimed a whopping 2.1 million pins per day and recorded exactly which trends their demographic was digging and ditching this year. According to their Newsroom, Pinterest’s search bar has been putting in overtime to deliver premium content for these trends:

Geometric tables are up +526%

An energising hybrid between contemporary and modern, the surge of geometric accent tables is certain to awaken even the sleepiest of rooms—bedrooms, this includes you. Stylish and functional, this trend offers ample room for interpretation by coming in a wide array of textiles and colours appropriate for any interior style.

PRO TIP for styling: While her silhouette is what got your end-table invited to the party, functionality is what will keep her on the guest list.

Tables are the perfect opportunity to express those quirks that set your space apart from the Pinterest post you keep referencing for inspo. Start by purchasing a serving tray of a similar theme to your table (i.e. modern, eclectic, mid-century, contemporary), followed by a candle and stack of coffee table books. The wick’s soft flicker will offer that lived-in ambience, while the books will add contrasting height—just remember, always group in odd numbers!

Styling with black is up +242%

With ‘x’ is the new black being used to describe every quarterly trend, it becomes near impossible to believe that black is the newest black! A once intimidating color to work with, millennials are challenging themselves to revamp its reputation. While no one is telling you to paint your entire bedroom the shade of midnight sky—but then again, why not?— black accents can provide a refined, modern vibe. Artwork, accent pillows and hardware are simple ways to demand attention to detail, while all black floors or wall paint appeals to bolder, more eclectic tastes.

PRO TIP for styling: There’s a difference between an elegantly monochromatic kitchen, and the innards Count Dracula’s lair—though both involve deep hues of black, only one requires you to sleep in a coffin. That said, making big moves with black can be dangerous when done in excess. The key to designing with this shade is to have contrast in mind; if your couch is a black leather, opt for a light textured throw on top. If the you desire all black countertops, think about airy cabinetry. Repeat this mantra: all things are good in moderation.

Statement rugs are up +236%

Statement rugs are the easiest, quickest, cheapest, all-around best-est way to soften your space with minimal effort. It has been proven that the first design element our eyes recognise is the floor, which is why so many artistic designers put hours of labour into intricate tilework. But what about us folks who are on a strict budget and know virtually nothing about pouring grout? Rugs, rugs and more rugs. In fact, Pinterest’s Newsroom suggests that layering textured rugs is a shortcut to establishing a luxe ambience, without the luxe price tag. The layers not only satisfy the eye but mute the acoustics of many echoing estates.

The more plushness to absorb the sound, the less harshly your home will vibrate every time your dog hears the doorbell.

PRO TIP for styling: Because rugs can get pricey when filling a large area, it’s important to prioritise which layer is worth the splurge. Most layering techniques call for an expansive wicker underlay to set the foundation. Because this layer will be seen the least, opt for something more cost effective like a jute rug. They offer the same woven texture and colour palette without the four-digit price tag. This will allow more wiggle room in your budget for the perfect, colourful Persian and faux-hide throw.

Celestial light fixtures are up +137

You no longer need to look to the sky for a striking display of constellations. With this new trend, celestial fixtures are bringing the outdoors to any room with an available light switch. The mixed metals and globular shape of the bulb is a show-stopping combination, much like having a Little Dipper in your own living room! These galactic chandeliers incorporate modern sleekness with futuristic geometry in a way that would have even Princess Leia asking, “Where’d you get that?”

PRO TIP for styling: There’s no doubt that these fixtures are meant to make a statement. That’s why it’s suggested to keep the furniture beneath them understated, like a couch in a solid fabric.  And though muted wall colours emphasise the natural craftsmanship of their shape, a piece of statement artwork is a recommended way to tie together other colours from the room’s accessories without hogging the spotlight…literally!