How to Find Your Soulmate

Persia Lawson tells us how


Words by Nicole Thomsen
April 24th, 2018

If you’re tired of seeing all your friends get engaged or married, if you’re fed up of being ghosted, or sick of online dating and resigned to the thought that you will never find “The One”, keep reading.

As one of the UK’s most successful love coaches, Persia Lawson knows a thing or two about relationships. Having once been a serial cheater and obsessive love addict, she’s now in a healthy, committed relationship and is passionate about helping women find their own soulmate in the chaos of the modern dating world. This led her to create ‘How To Heal Your Love Life + Attract A Healthy, Soulful, Lasting Relationship‘, a three-part training series.

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Within this video series, which is completely free, Persia uncovers the four common mistakes that are destroying your chances of finding love and how to avoid them, a crucial strategy to instantly transform the way you approach your romantic life (and dissolve all anxiety and fear that you’ll be “single forever”), the secret to becoming more attractive, confident and intriguing to potential partners who actually want to commit to you, and a 7 step blueprint to getting and keeping the best relationship of your life (no matter how messy or sparse your romantic history may be).

The first in this three-part series is available to watch now with while parts two and three will follow later this week. So, if you’re ready to turn your love life (or lack thereof) around and get the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having, click the link below for instant access to Persia Lawson’s free (for a limited time) love training series: