Why You Should Gift Yourself This Christmas

Find out why three style mavens will be practicing self-gifting this season


Words by Nicole Thomsen
December 12th, 2017

We’ve all heard the saying that it’s better to give than receive but, on occasion, it’s nice to treat yourself so why not give to yours truly this Christmas? A little indulgement every now and again never did any harm so we’re encouraging the art of self-gifting, which has risen in popularity in recent years as shoppers choose to spend on themselves as well as loved ones during the holiday season.

Whether it’s a luxury item that’s been on your wishlist for quite some time or simply a day to yourself, it doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is; the important part is that it’s something you’ll truly enjoy- and you know you deserve. And so, to spark your imagination, we’ve spoken to some of the biggest and most successful names in the Irish fashion industry and asked them how they plan on treating themselves this year.

Courtney Smith, Stylist

“My self-gift is time! Time off work, time spent with my family and time to myself. Time is something I have very little of and something I tend to often misuse; I always feel I am so busy and I think this Christmas the perfect gift to myself would be to slow down and enjoy every single minute and really make the most of it.

I plan on lazy days by the fire reading the books I never get a chance to read; days packed with my little nephew Logan and days with my loved ones doing fun activities and lovely dinners out.”


Emma Manley, Fashion Designer

“I love giving pressies but this Christmas I’m doing something that I haven’t done before- I’m gifting me. I put a lot of effort into eating right and exercising to keep my energy high and perform my best at Manley. I spend my days working intricately with my hands on patterns and embellishment, hunched over on the floor cutting fabrics and overtime is a given, which takes its toll on me physically and mentally. Some damage limitation is long overdue and this Christmas I’m gifting myself a monthly membership to YogaGlo. Their roster of yoga and meditation classes are second to none and can be done in the comfort of my home or studio at any time.”

January Winters, Model

“This Christmas, I’ll be self-gifting myself a massage. The last time I had one was about four years ago when I treated myself for taking the weekend off from going out! I, of course, enjoyed it immensely and promised myself I’d make the swap more often. Now, after a busy year and many fun weekends, I’m finally going to follow through with this as I feel I deserve a little TLC!”