5 Ways to Give Back at Christmas

Words by Nicole Thomsen
December 13th, 2017

Christmas is an exciting time of year but it can be easy to lose sight of what the festive season is truly about. Forget about the presents under the tree for just a moment and instead, consider these five ways that you can give to those less this fortunate this Christmas. ‘Tis the season for giving after all.

1. Do a clear out

There’s nothing better than taking some time out of your festive break to adopt the attitude of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as you head into the new year. What better way to do this than by sifting through your clothes rail and picking out what you haven’t worn for the last two seasons? Remove every item that hasn’t seen the light of day in the last year and ignore that niggling thought in your mind that says, “Maybe I will wear it next year!” The truth is that you won’t wear it again and keeping it will leave you with less room in your wardrobe for all the new clothes you got for Christmas!

Think of this as the perfect opportunity to do a selfless act and donate these clothes to your local charity shop. But don’t just leave them at the door, spend some time thinking about which charity you want to donate to, their messaging, and who they support. That way it feels like you have given something that will help with their cause and the sales of your items will have a direct consequence on someone else’s life.


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2. Check in on your elderly neighbour or relative

Christmas is all about giving but in the frenzy of it all, sometimes that message can get lost. Take a moment to think of an elderly person in your community that may be alone this Christmas or who has lost a loved one and is spending their first Christmas alone. Reach out to them, offer to buy their groceries for them, make them a hot port, or bring your children round to visit so they have a sense of family. Any gesture will be hugely appreciated and comforting for them. Plus, it will also give you that warm and fuzzy festive feeling that only random acts of kindness can give you.

3. Donate old toys to your local school or hospital

Children can be fickle and last month’s holy grail is this month’s has-been, so instead of cluttering your home with old toys that your child is never going to play with again, think of other children that won’t be getting any toys this Christmas or children spending this time at the hospital. Most hospitals accept toys around Christmas so reach out and enquire.

4. Reward someone who has been kind or generous to you this year with a spontaneous gift

Sometimes it’s just the littlest of things that show you care the most. Gift someone who has helped you at some point during the year with something they won’t expect and truly appreciate. Show them you’re grateful for their help and that it was not lost on you. It’s your turn now to pay it forward.

5. Help animals in need

While the idea of gifting an animal for Christmas can seem great at the time, unfortunately, the realities of owning a pet can become all too real once the festivities are over. Rather than buying a dog or a cat, why not sponsor a furry friend in need and give them the second chance they deserve? Enquire at your local animal shelter or zoo to find out what sponsoring an animal entails- it’s truly rewarding both for the gifter and the giftee.