maven X maven: Bean and Goose

Discover the inside world of chocolatiers, Bean and Goose

Words by Emma Connell
November 24th, 2017

Chocolatiers Natalie and Karen Keane founded Bean and Goose, the Irish based premium chocolate brand back in 2014 and have enjoyed growing success ever since. Run from their picturesque home among the golden fields of Fern, Co. Wexford, you can certainly say this is where the magic happens.

Each morning, they forage for fresh ingredients with their four friendly wolfhounds among their tranquil farm, which are later combined with the small batches of single-origin chocolate to make the unique flavours this brand is known for. The chocolate is tempered on marble slabs, ensuring the homespun chocolate bars and truffles are of the highest standard and nothing less. Walking into their wrapping room you feel like a child in a candy store again, seeing the stacks of neatly packaged bars in an assortment of flavours (Smoked Irish Sea Salt is a particular favourite of mine) you can’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of hard work and dedication these sisters have poured into this bespoke brand. And clearly, it has paid off.

Explore the inside world of Bean and Goose in the latest edition of our maven x maven video series below.

Experience the magical day we spent with Bean and Goose at their farm in the gallery below…