5 Best Health and Wellness Podcasts You Should Listen To

For a less painful commute


Words by Lisa Hughes
August 4th, 2017

Even the biggest wellness junkies can feel swamped with all the conflicting articles online about what’s really good and bad for you but a quality wellness podcast can cut through the jargon and feed you the information you really need to know.

Not only have podcasts been proven to take the stress out of a painful morning commute but an engaging podcast is food for your brain (just ask anyone who was addicted to Serial), making it the perfect way to rev your mind up in the morning.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking for insider tips or you need a mental massage on a tough Monday morning, there’s any number of helpful podcasts out there.

Here’s our pick of the best health and wellness podcasts for both body and mind. And they’re all free!

TED Talks: Health

You just can’t beat a TED Talk to get your brain in gear, can you? This podcast series has collected all the best TED Talks about health in one handy place so you can easily browse the latest mind-boggling health research, from healing hearts without surgery to video games to cope with grief. It’s not all super scientific; you’ll pick up useful health habits and life hacks too. One of the best new-ish episodes is TED Fellow Sangu Delle on handling anxiety and how it’s ok to speak out about your feelings.


Radio Headspace

Did you know must-have mindfulness app Headspace has its own companion podcast? Well, now you do. Hosted by Georgie Okell, this positivity boosting podcast, unfortunately, wrapped up last year so don’t expect new episodes but you can still download and binge on all 69 episodes. Topics include loneliness, mindful eating and self-esteem and there are also interviews with a host of doctors and authors who have written about mental health, including Ruby Wax.


Wellness Women Radio

A women’s health magazine in audio form, Wellness Women Radio is hosted by Dr Ashleigh Bond and Dr Andrea Huddleston and they do a pretty good job of covering the diverse modern maladies and health concerns facing women in 2017. It’s mainly focused on health so you can download episodes on period pain, oestrogen dominance and iron deficiency but there are also really helpful episodes on lifestyle issues like how to recover from burnout. New episodes every Tuesday.


The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well

With her podcast and best selling book Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet, dietitian Monica Reinagel is on a mission to bust nutrition myths and make us less afraid of, or just plain confused, by eating healthily. Most episodes come in at the short and sweet 10 minute mark but Monica packs each episode with facts, research and advice. Recent episodes have offered the lowdown on how salty food affects weight loss, the truth about sulphites and wine and whether a high protein diet actually weakens your bones.


The Fat-Burning Man Show

Don’t be put off by the title- this isn’t a weight loss podcast. Instead, this award-winning health podcast presented by Abel James, author of The Wild Diet, delves into the latest research to improve mind, body and fitness performance. Bursting with a wealth of useful tidbits you can actually apply in your everyday life, The Fat-Burning Man features interviews with experts like Dr Cate Shanahan and recent episodes have offered tips on cooking for coeliacs, healthy meals in under 45 minutes and why celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow are gulping down bone broth.