Paint it Pastel

Soothe your living space with these subtle shades

Words by Emma Connell
June 13th, 2017

Revisit the art deco period of the 1950s and 1960s by injecting some soothing pastel tones of pinks, aqua blue and lemons into your home. Colour block subtle tones for a modern and fresh adaptation and accent further with hints of white. Scroll through our visual gallery below for more of an insight into some of the best hues to include among your homeware this season.

maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-ophoto: maven46
maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-1photo: maven46

L-R; wooden board at Seven Wood; Blue lampshade at Industry & Co maven46

Hanging pot at The Irish Design Shop 

maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interiorphoto: maven46
maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-3photo: maven46
maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-1photo: maven46

L-R; Ceramic bowls at The Irish Design Shop; Glass carafe at Designist; Glass bell jar at Seven Wood; gold spoon at Industry & Co; Concrete light at Designist 

maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-0photo: maven46
maven46-fashion-magazine-pastel-interior-5photo: maven46

L-R; Circular marble plate, marble pinch pot and brass spoon at Industry & Co; Wooden board at Seven Wood; Gold spoon at Industry & Co; Glass Jars at Clarkes of Dublin

Photography/ Beatrice de Franceschi

Styling/Emma Connell


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