6 Cool Instagram Accounts That Will Visually Excite

Follow these accounts for your daily dose of inspiration

maven46 - visual instagrams 4$photo: MATTHIAS HEIDERICH

Words by Emma Connell
January 23rd, 2017

Across the social platforms, Instagram wins hands down as the best visual feast. Within seconds of scrolling, you can expect to find a barrage of inspiration across all areas of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and art along with a host of other miscellaneous images, leaving us guilty of scrolling a few hours longer than expected. For most, Instagram is a tool to kill time by leisurely browsing through the intimate moments of your friends and your friends’ friends, but if this is the only thing you are using it for you are seriously missing out.

Within the broad spectrum of images, you can expect to find some of the most well-known visual and creative people in the world who are sharing their expertise with the masses free of charge. Many within the creative industry would admit to using this as a tool to gain insight and inspo for their own workings, although sometimes it can be challenging to find the right account.

As we know not everyone has the time to be seamlessly scrolling for hours on end from one page to the next, hoping to find the one which will help spark your imagination we’ve done the groundwork for you. Whether you want to kill time or feel like being visually stimulated these are some of the top Instagram accounts that you need to follow now.


Followers: 56k

Image count: 1,505

Reason to follow: Vivid colours, tropical places and playful compositions set the tone for Tekla Evelina Severin’s images. Her visual eye captures abstract shapes in colourful settings along with the Stockholm-based interior architect posing sporadically throughout. Upon visiting her page you are hit with an instant euphoric experience which without a doubt provides a lasting impression. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of visiting her page, be sure to follow to get your daily dose of inspiration.

maven46 - visual instagrams 3.
maven46 - visual instagrams 1.
maven46-visual-instagram-3photo: TEKLA EVERINA SEVERIN


Followers: 53.2k

Image count: 1,230

Reasons to follow: Matthias is a self-taught Berlin-based photographer with a distinct style heavily influenced by minimal architecture and urban landscape. His account is a haven of clean lines and refreshing shades, bringing about a new, offbeat side of Berlin most would be unfamiliar with. His ability to transform buildings into abstract art makes for the reason why he has been chosen for our visual round up. A glance at the images below will make you want to peruse his page for further visual stimulation.

maven46 - visual instagrams 5
maven46 - visual instagramsphoto: MATTHIAS HEIDERICH


Followers: 9,578

Image count: 837

Reasons to follow: Graphic designer Deni Paradise originally started her account, Habitual Feels, as a small sideline project which has since catapulted into her full-time passion. Each image on her page embodies a story, which has been carefully curated from a collection of genres such as film, art, interiors and architecture. Her ability to make a mixed media collage into one visually stimulating image is reason enough why the golden coast girl has made it to our list.

maven46 - visual instagrams £
maven46 - visual instagrams &photo: DENI PARADISE


Followers: 150k

Image count: 337

Reasons to follow: A visual storyteller, as quoted in Christopher Niemann’s bio, is the perfect way to sum up this humorous account. The artist/illustrator demonstrates heaps of imagination in a simple tongue in cheek way. Expect to see a few hundred images of quirky drawings accompanied by familiar objects that will be sure to raise your spirits. For more abstraction be sure to pay his page a visit.

maven46 - visual instagrams (0
maven46 - visual instagrams 0)
maven46 - visual instagrams l-photo: CHRISTOPH NIEMANN


Followers: 4,279

Image count: 408

Reason to follow: If you are looking for a variety of miscellaneous textures to inspire, you have come to the right place. The Daily Texture shares decaying surfaces, peeling paint along with natural and man-made materials in an assortment of eye-catching colours. For anyone who is interested in textiles or mixed media, you will want to check this out.

maven46 - visual instagrams ui
maven46 - visual instagrams r>
maven46 - visual instagrams 7&photo: THE DAILY TEXTURE


Followers: 68.9k

Image Count: 595

Reason to follow: New York-based Leta Sobierajski offers us a dimensional page of art, styling and unique visuals. The independent graphic designer and art director has attracted coverage from fashion and media giants such as Refinery29 and Designboom amongst others. Her refreshingly vivid pops of colour and diverse range of abstract shapes are reason enough as to why she should be the next person you follow.

maven46 - visual instagrams vb.
maven46 - visual instagrams g<
maven46 - visual instagrams gmphoto: LETA SOBIERAJSKI