Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

That aren't Serial

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Words by Nicole Thomsen
December 1st, 2016

As a decidedly new iPhone user, the world of podcasts is fresh to me. What was once considered a microcosm of indie happenings is now, I’ve realised, a whole other realm of delightful, tear inducing, vocabulary expanding tidbits from anyone and everyone (yes, even the A-list create podcasts). It is, however, quite daunting just how many podcasts there are to be consumed. How can I listen to them all? Am I missing the best? Somewhat of a conundrum it is which is what leads me to this roundup of the best podcasts that you should subscribe to now for an altogether brighter and laughable commute to work.


The PanDolly Podcast

Ruminating over the all consuming questions such as whether it’s possible to be friends with an ex and what on earth we’re going to do when the most lovable First Family of America leave the White House, The PanDolly Podcast is a joy to subscribe to. Hosted by Style Fashion Editor Pandora Sykes and dating columnist Dolly Alderton, each weekly episode serves as a conversation between yourself and your best friend, covering everything from the world of pop culture, the daily headlines, and any fashion related pieces in between, including Pandora’s high street buy of the week- this woman has serious style credentials so heed her advice!


Get It On

For lovers of clothes, particularly vintage, Get It On provides an insight on why we wear what we wear via the interviews that writer, TV presenter and now podcaster Dawn O’Porter conducts. With guests such as chef Gizzi Erskine and actors Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd (also her husband), Dawn and co. dissect the politics of dressing, self confidence and the meaning of style.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Assume all you want that this is merely a misleading hipster title, but My Dad Wrote a Porno is exactly what it says on the tin. When host Jamie Morton came across his father’s self-penned porno he shunned what most of us would do (burn it, potentially move to another continent) and shared it with the world via this podcast. The comedic offerings from expertly titled Belinda Blinked (bonus points for the alliteration) will have you in tears while also thankful a family member of your own hasn’t poured their inner fantasies out onto a page. Or have they?


Guys We Fucked

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are breaking down the archaic stereotypes forced on women in their highly entertaining, no holds barred podcast Guys We Fucked. The “Anti Slut-Shaming” show involves the comedic duo interviewing comedians, actors, musicians and of course, guys they’ve slept with in the most engrossing and laugh out loud way. The sex-positive podcast lifts the lid on taboo topics alongside politics, racism and feminism. If you listen to one episode make sure it’s ‘Are people in ISIS having sex?’ where they speak with former Islam extremist, Mubin Shaikh about hanging out with terrorists and the misinterpretation of sexuality in the Quran.

The Lifestyle Show

With topics traversing the worlds of food, film, travel and of course, fashion, RTÉ’s new podcast The Lifestyle Show promises to bring you up close and personal with experts in their field, mavens if you will, including our very own Editor Tanya Grimson. Hit subscribe to hear her thoughts on the current trends that are circulating, style advice and sometimes controversial film reviews.