maven Loves: Our July Favourites

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Words by Nicole Thomsen
August 3rd, 2016

At the start of each month, we like to round up all of the things team maven46 enjoyed in the previous month. From TV’s most addictive new show to a makeup hack that will save you time and tears, keep reading to find out what took our fancy in July- you might enjoy them too!

Catch up on our June favourites here.


Goodhood- One of my favourite shops to visit when I go to London, Goodhood has some of the best selections of womenswear, menswear and lifestyle goods that I’ve ever found. Situated on Curtain Road, it mostly stocks brands you won’t find in Dublin, making it a great place to visit if you are in London. You’ll find it difficult to leave this place empty handed so make sure to allocate yourself some shopping money in your holiday budget! -Síomha, Editorial Assistant

Calzedonia print socks- I love these printed socks from Italian brand Calzedonia. They come in a variety of crazy, colourful prints and I want all of them. I like to wear them with trainers or boots so I can show them off and they look very cool. Plus, they’re an easy way of injecting some colour into any outfit. -Agata, Co-Founder and Photographer


Gucci slides- As if I wasn’t lusting after a pair of Gucci shoes enough, they go and make these slides. The stiff black leather, the open toe, even the heart detailing on the insole, these are the summer shoes dreams are made of. While they are a pipeline dream for the moment, they are definitely high on my (never ending) wishlist. -Síomha, Editorial Assistant

Mr. Robot- Lately I’ve been making an effort to cut down on TV, I was determined not to commit to another addictive series that sucked up the limited time I have these days. Many of my old favourites have now come to an end, so last month was the perfect opportunity to reclaim back a few more hours into my week. And then Mr. Robot came into my life.

Addictive, riveting and reflective this is a must-see, the hype and subsequent plaudits awarded to this American drama-thriller series are justified. Starring Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a genius cyber security engineer slash hacker who, in his spare time, acts as a vigilante “deleting” targets who deserve to be deleted. Detached from the status quo and the values of capitalism and consumption, Elliot is stifled by his inability to truly make a difference. That is until Mr. Robot comes onto the scene in the form of Nineties heartthrob Christian Slater. The revolution then begins and as a viewer you are not positioned as a spectator but a willing participant.

Mr. Robot almost has a video game feel and perhaps some day, when real time viewing becomes the norm, the viewer will truly no longer be passive but will be able to dictate the next episode. Until then, this is the next best thing. -Leona, Publicity & Partnerships


MAC Foundation Pump- I am the ultimate Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation devotee, nothing can compare to its longevity on my combination skin (my top tip – apply it with a damp Real Technique sponge for a more sheer finish). However, the one thing I’ve always despised was the screw cap. I’ve had too many spillages to count, plus it allows air to get in, drying up the formula. But recently a friend suggested trying the MAC pump on my bottle, et voila, it works! No more wastage and when you get to the end of the bottle you won’t have to hold it upside down for five minutes to get the last out! -Adina, Marketing Manager

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream- For those of you who hate having to wear foundation in the summer then this Kiehl’s product is the perfect find. It’s a BB cream that not only provides buildable coverage but also offers broad spectrum sun protection with SPF 50. And because it is made by a skincare brand rather than a makeup brand I know it is doing some good for my skin when I wear it. I even find it is good on dry skin. -Agata, Co-founder and Photographer

Urban Outfitters Natural Products Blotting Papers- This month I am loving Urban Outfitters blotting paper. Containing 50 thin sheets per pack, they are perfect for anyone suffering from facial oil surges during the day.  Instead of caking on mounds of powder to rid the grease these act as the perfect alternative. A star buy at €4. -Emma, Editorial Assistant


Primark Makeup Brushes- Those who know me know that I am a bargain hunter. Whether it’s watching sales like a hawk, perusing eBay and Depop for hours or foraging through vintage and charity shops, if there is a way I can save money while still securing the item I want then I will find it. And Primark’s new range of makeup brushes is the best bargain I’ve found in a long time.

Averaging €2, the range is broad even offering a fan brush which I had previously been unable to find in any local Boots or pharmacy. But their cost does not affect their quality. These brushes may be cheap but they are incredibly soft and blend everything from powder eyeshadow to cream bronzer seamlessly. If you’re looking to replace a makeup brush that has seen better days then I’d suggest popping into Primark to see what they have to offer before going anywhere else. -Nicole, Senior Editorial Assistant


Fennel seeds- This month I tried fennel seeds for the first time to help aid my digestion and rid that horrible bloated feeling I sometimes get after a heavy meal or certain foods.  The anti-inflammatory properties contained in fennel seeds help alleviate gas by relaxing the muscles in your intestine allowing any trapped gas to dissipate. Chew a few of these after a meal for a flatter stomach and fresh breath. -Emma, Editorial Assistant

All things Spanish- I took up Spanish recently and my brain feels exercised. My sister Sonya, who is studying psychology, believes that if I had a scan of my brain now and then in six month’s time, it would look different. Yes, the brain too shapes up once exercised. It’s so important as you get older to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to not be afraid to look stupid. Pride really is overrated. You need to make mistakes to learn and in our near perfect social media facade, being willing and open to take a leap is actually really liberating. I’m also loving Spanish tapas these days, it feels like a mini evening holiday. We had a maven46 tapas evening this month which reminded me of the simple pleasures of long summer evenings, good food, good wine and good company. The French are no doubt stylish, but the Spanish have a good thing going on too. And it’s not just Zara, there are some really great Spanish bloggers out there that are worth checking out amongst them; Berta Bernad, Lady Addict and Collage Vintage. What stands out in their collective feeds is great style but also a happiness vibe- plenty of smiling which in a world of duck face selfies is refreshing. -Leona, Publicity & Partnerships

Chapters by Yuna- This past month I haven’t stopped listening to Chapters, the new album from Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna. So many of the songs on the compilation offer lazy Sunday morning vibes which help me relax and just enjoy the music. I also think the cover artwork is great. I would absolutely recommend everyone gives it a listen! -Natana, Graphic Designer