maven Loves: Our March Favourites

From a treasure chest of beauty, fashion, TV and books, find out what we loved in March


Words by Nicole Thomsen
April 6th, 2016

In the first of our new series, maven Loves, we bring you a roundup of all the things that team maven46 thoroughly enjoyed throughout the month of March. Can you believe April is upon us already? From herbal teas that make you feel like a green goddess to a new TV obsession with Netflix series, ‘Love’, to say we have varied tastes is an understatement. Read on to find out what’s been top of our hitlist this past month. You never know, it might top of yours next month!



Garnier Delicate Soother Heat Protection Milk- I bought this a few weeks ago (mainly because it was at half price for an introductory offer) and I wasn’t expecting much, but I am so glad I did! I have long, highlighted hair so I need as much help as I can get, and despite always using heat protective sprays or leave-in conditioners (this is a bit of both) I can never really see the difference they make. I just assume they are working. This spray not only smells delicious but it does a great job at detangling my knotted, wet hair and makes it feel so touchably soft when dried, and even the next day my hair looks visibly less dry and healthier! At €7.29 in Boots how could you go wrong! -Adina, Marketing Manager

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask- I am a massive fan of face masks as a treat at the end of the month or after a bad spell with my skin. Trilogy was actually recommended to me a few years ago but as I was younger and more naïve about my skincare routine I didn’t take the advice. After a spell of horrible skin over the harsh winter, I splurged on the whole line. My favourite has got to be the Mineral Radiance Mask. Between the texture and smell, it is so luxurious and my skin clears up within a night of applying this, so it’s perfect if you have somewhere to be. -Grace, Marketing Assistant

Rimmel Nail Nurse Rescue- First of all, let me say that I have paper thin nails and can never get them to grow, but somehow this miracle Nail Nurse has come to my rescue! I have been using this for a few months now (nothing is going to work overnight) and my nails have never been longer or stronger. I can’t quite believe it myself. I’ve found this works best when used as a base coat under your regular nail polish so you have another protective layer to help seal its magic in, even better if you use a gel polish over it as it will last longer without chipping. -Adina, Marketing Manager

April and the Bear- Since I’m working remotely a lot these days, it has given me the chance to fully absorb my surroundings and to in-turn start to obsess about all things interior- flea markets, the TK Maxx home section or “TK” as my sisters and I now call it, and the odd online Zara Home purchase has suddenly become my thing. However, it is April and the Bear, the online lifestyle and interior store which really appeals to my senses. Run by the hugely talented Siobhán Lam, the site boasts beautifully curated pieces that are by their nature fun and in some cases frivolous. Playful yet proper quality. Pleasure pieces that will add oomph to any room. Drool over the Instagram page at your leisure. -Leona, Publicist



Saint Sister- Recently I went for a walk with a friend of mine around town on a typical rainy and grey day where I bumped into these two girls, Saint Sister, that they were playing in a corner of the music shop, Tower Records. For the whole time that the girls were playing in that little corner I couldn’t take my eyes off them- I closed my eyes and I enjoyed this mix of soulful vocal harmonies, dreamy synth and electro-acoustic harp played by the duo. I remember that at the end of the performance one of the two young girls looked at me and she pointed at me saying “THANK YOU!” It was a really emotional moment and I’ve been listening to them ever since. -Beatrice, Photography and Design Assistant

Lubomyr Melnyk- One of my goals in life has always been to learn how to play the piano. Currently I can play ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, which I accidentally learned during one of my ‘hit any key you see’ sessions, but that is as far as my talent goes. The majestic instrument taunts me and my lack of skill but still, I love it no less. There is nothing more beautiful and hair raising to listen to than the sound of those keys. So you can imagine my delight at being able to watch and listen to the talent that is Lubomyr Melnyk last month. The virtuoso pianist played in the intimate surroundings of D-Light Studios, filling the room with his haunting touch. Needless to say, my desire to learn the piano increased ten fold since hearing him perform in March. Now all I need is a piano. -Nicole, Senior Editorial Assistant


Leather jacket weather- There is a specific time of year that is perfect for wearing leather. In the depths of winter, it’s too cold for a leather jacket on its own. I always need to be bundled up in about five layers from November-February, and while a leather jacket may be layer 3 during that time, I’m always waiting for the chance to wear it as my one and only form of outerwear. Well, the time is now people, from around mid-March to April/May and again during September and October, is usually prime leather jacket wearing time. During the summer it’s too warm (yes, even in Ireland) and during the winter it’s too cold. So, enjoy it while you can. I know I will be embracing it full throttle for the coming months. -Síomha, Editorial Assistant

Statement sleeves- Perhaps my favourite trend to come off the catwalk for spring, statement sleeves are making quite the impact on my wardrobe. While I have yet to invest in the less than practical ‘can’t use or see your hands’ style, after two trips to Zara my collection of bell sleeves is well on its way. These sartorial heroes are an easy way to inject some fun into the most timid of outfits while ensuring all the attention is on your sleeve- a great option for those who wish to bring the eye away from a particular area. Australian designer Ellery has certainly paved the way for this trend, and is sitting top of my wishlist but if you’re looking to test out this style, head to Zara for cheaper alternatives. -Nicole, Senior Editorial Assistant

Edge Only- Edge Only is effortlessly cool. The latest collection from this top Irish jewellery designer has me hooked this month. Not only are the pieces understated, they are at the same time impactful- a bizarre paradox but it somehow works. maven46 readers will appreciate a collection made for a certain type of gal- the pieces are unconventional, stylish but very wearable. Former radio broadcaster Jenny Huston is the talented designer behind it all, hailing from jewellery heritage to put her unique take on everyday pieces that are true conversation starters- as a seasoned broadcaster she also knows a thing or two about that. -Leona, Publicist


The Gentlewoman- My favourite delivery to come through my letterbox is the biannual delivery of ‘The Gentlewoman’. The fact that it only comes twice a year makes it even more special, and also makes you savour every interview, every editorial, and yes, every single page that little bit more carefully. The excitement is added as you wait to see who will grace the cover, and of course, what colour the cover will be. I have a perfectly pleasant stack of multi-coloured issues of The Gentlewoman sitting on my desk, and Kirsten Dunst’s bright yellow copy will now be added to the pile. But not until I’ve finished flicking through every page at least ten times. It’s the type of publication that you pick up and flick through at intermittent stages. Going back to re-examine an interview or photograph more carefully, or reading over an article to get some inspiration, The Gentlewoman is one publication that I always look forward to reading (and re-reading). – Síomha, Editorial Assistant

The Outsiders- This month I have been trying to get back into reading. If you’re anything like me. books usually fall by the wayside if my attention hasn’t been grabbed by the first few pages. I had received a copy of ‘The Outsiders’ for my birthday so I thought I’d give it a chance. The book, which was written by S.E Hinton when she was just 16 years old, had me engrossed after a couple of pages. The plot follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs, who are divided by their socioeconomic status. When Greasers Ponyboy and Johnny get into a brawl that ends in the death of a Social member, the boys are forced to go into hiding. Soon, the Greasers must contend with the consequences of their violent actions. Following the highs and lows of this troubled family is utterly gripping and thought provoking. Take it from me, it’s a book you will want to finish. -Emma, Fashion Assistant

The Japanese Lover- There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book and leaving the routines of everyday life behind for a while. And there is no better writer to provide you with such escapism than Isabel Allende. Her use of magic realism (a Latin American literary technique that introduces elements of the supernatural to an otherwise seemingly realistic world) only furthers this escape. Her most recent novel, ‘The Japanese Lover’, is a beautifully crafted love story that explores a lifelong relationship between a couple who meet and fall in love when they are children. The attacks on Pearl Harbour in 1941 pulls the two apart, and forces them to hide their love forever. It’s a story that explores the strength of love, as well as exploring “questions of identity, abandonment, redemption, and the unknowable impact of fate on our lives. The Japanese Lover is a profoundly moving tribute to the constancy of the human heart in a world of unceasing change.” – Síomha, Editorial Assistant


Herbal teas- I have become very aware of what I’m putting into my body lately and started to drink some herbal teas, and now they’ve become my new obsession this month. There are two in particular that I favour; Twinings detox lemon tea and Aldi’s berry infusion. I’ve tried a few berry flavoured teas and this one is not as bitter as others. Also, in general they make me feel healthy even if I’ve just eaten a massive bar of chocolate alongside it. -Grace, Marketing Assistant

Kinder Surprise- Call me a child but there is nothing I find more satisfying than a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg and Easter is prime time for stocking up on them in vast quantities. The larger size that is only brought out once a year by the magical Easter Bunny is, as Lizzie McGuire would say, “What dreams are a made of“. While a true child might be more interested in the surprise toy hidden inside, my delight comes straight from the chocolate itself. I adore them so much that I’ve already finished one egg since Easter Sunday with two more to last me over the coming… Week. -Nicole, Senior Editorial Assistant


A Fanatic Heart: Geldof on Yeats- If you’re stuck for a good documentary to watch and you have an interest in culture, history and the arts then this is something you’ll want to see. This two part documentary, presented by rockstar and activist Bob Geldof, examines the life and work of poet WB Yeats, who penned poetic masterpieces such as ‘Easter 1916’ and ‘Lake Isle of Inis Free’ in the context of the cultural revolution that preceded 1916. Having studied many of Yeats’ poems in school I was intrigued to find out more about the literary genius, and where he sourced his inspiration from. Of course, it had me hooked after just a few minutes in. Catch this enchanting documentary on RTÉ Player. -Emma, Fashion Assistant

Love- In March I was totally in love with Love, and not the amorous kind but the Judd Apatow Netflix kind. When I heard that Netflix was expanding its ever impressive array of independent productions, I was excited to say the least. It is one of those moments that you realise that Netflix and content streaming has truly replaced the TV and we are the better for it. I will get to Daredevil season 2 another day. But for now, I have been glued and binge watching the 10 part first season of ‘Love’, created by Director Judd Apatow of ‘Knocked Up’, ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’, ‘Trainwreck’, and ‘This is 40’ to name but a few.

It follows a very realistic journey of two thirty somethings living in LA who navigate their way around romance and the complications of modern life over the course of 10 episodes. Through the two leading characters Mickey and Gus (played by Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust), we are shown Apatow’s way of observing life in an honest, and at times funny and awkward way. Don’t expect the humour you come to get in some of his earlier comedies, this is more ‘This is 40’ and ‘Funny People’ territory. By looking at the dysfunctional addictive world of Mickey, who is self-obsessed and whose blunt honesty at times make her unlikeable but the strength of her character is her ability to show vulnerability and acute awareness of her faults in the same micro moments, and of Gus, who you think is the regular geek that Apatow loves to advocate as the typical ‘good guy’, Apatow avoids stereotypes and falling into routine, showing us through a series of events how good guys can in fact be assholes and how the dysfunctional girl is just a vulnerable girl trying to protect herself from getting hurt.

This is an intriguing and refreshing love story that is played with perfection by the cast, including the amazing performance from Australian comic, Claudia O’Doherty playing the quirky and insanely cute roommate, Bertie, whose innocence and naivety in stark contrast to the sceptical and tired Mickey is infectious. I am now, however, at a loss as to what I am going to do to fill the void until season 2 premieres in 2017, oh wait, did I mention Daredevil season 2? -Tanya, Editor

Stay tuned for our April favourites!