OCHO Release New Single Vines

'Pull back and disappear, bite down and swallow’

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Words by Claire McNamara
February 12th, 2016

Following on from their 2012 debut, Dublin based Electronic-duo, OCHO have released their latest single Vines today (their video is at the bottom of the page so hit play and let the hauntingly beautiful tones of lead singer Stace Gill soothe your mind as you continue reading).
Imagine the vocals as a product of the love-child of Grimes’ (Oblivion) funky sound and Enya’s dulcet serenity. These eerie vocals intertwine with a lyrical realism of Alt-J and are played over a transcendent melody, which in certain parts resembles a very toned down alternative La Roux chorus. These comparisons don’t even do justice to the unique quality of OCHO, but of course you already know that – you have finished the first verse by now if you’ve followed the instructions.

The up and coming duo consisting of Stace Gill as lead singer/songwriter and DOS as producer/writer have received considerable recognition in Ireland for their work since that 2012 debut with a number of accolades from Today FM, as well as an invitation to record with RTÉ 2FM’s live sessions. This comes on top of performances at Electric Picnic and Castlepalooza as well as a number of sold out gigs themselves but to name a few. Their new age electronic sound is just far enough from the mainstream to retain the cool ambiguity which embodies their look and sound (and all the five senses really). But of course, we heard them first. You might remember this backstage video from our Undercover Agents editorial which featured the hair-raising vocals from OCHO.


Stace Gill has an incredible quality to her voice -stunningly displayed in Vines. The song is mesmerising. She could be singing out names from a phone book and you’d still get goosebumps!

The group’s sound has been described as comfortably creepy, timeless, and ambient, each very apt descriptions for the duo. The new single Vines has such an ambient melody that verges on the border of creepy with a permeating bass that sticks with you long after you’ve finished listening for the fourteenth time on repeat.

OCHO are a native band with an unfamiliar sound, transcending cultural restraints to produce art in the form of music. Well worth putting on a ‘chill out’ playlist, careful though if you’re in a cold room because there is a strong likelihood of chills. You have been warned.

You can buy Vines here. And of course check out more from the band over at ochomusic.ie.

OCHO will be performing at Grand Social on March 11th, 2016 (more info here), Vicar St on April 23rd (more info here), at Fumbally Stables on April 28th (more info here), and at Body & Soul in June.