Years & Years Smash Their Irish Gig

London electronic pop trio take to the stage in Dublin


Words by Helen Sanfey
November 7th, 2015

British electronica trio Years & Years have been taking the world by storm and Thursday night at their gig in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin was no different. Converted from a mere fan of their music to complete addict and devotee, I am seriously considering following their gigs around the world now!

Setting things off with a lights show, which was a spectacle in itself, the synthesizer began to chime followed by the keyboards, then drums and finally frontman, Olly Alexander, on vocals to set the crowd wild with opening song ‘Foundations’.

The energy of the band from start to finish was palpable, with Olly dancing like there was no tomorrow, creating an electric atmosphere for the crowd. On performing their slower sets the crowd settled and sang along with every word creating an echo around the Olympia Theatre so loud it almost drowned out the band. But it was with songs like ‘Memo’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that Olly really shone with a fragile and most beautiful range in his voice, the emotion of the song really shines through even in such a lively setting.

Performing hit after hit with Olly pitch perfect and completely on form vocally, half way through a young girl from the crowd was invited on stage to dance with the front man, no doubt making her night.

A truly fun, albeit sweaty night out, Years & Years are definitely in my top 5 favourite concerts I’ve ever been to.


Performing their last Irish date last night in the same venue, they no doubt stormed the stage yet again. Following on from Ireland they will be continuing to gig throughout Europe and then onto to the USA. If you don’t have tickets yet I strongly advise attending a gig. Electronica has never looked so good! For information on dates and tickets click here. Their album debut ‘Communion’ is out now!