Steal the Parisian Wardrobe You’ve Always Wanted

Direct from your favourite style stars

street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-other-stories-banner2photo: Candice Lake for & Other Stories

Words by Nicole Thomsen
September 26th, 2017

While it may not be previewing its latest collection on the catwalk, high street store & Other Stories has taken an alternative approach to fashion week by debuting its AW17 collection on the streets of Paris. The high street store has teamed up with some of the biggest influencers at Paris Fashion Week, from Camille Charrière to Jan-Michael Quammie, to create a series of style stories which coincide with the launch of the brand’s autumn collection today.

Captured by one of the pioneers of street style photography, Candice Lake, each story reflects the individuality and personal style of the seven women featured in the campaign which of course goes to show just how flexible & Other Stories new collection is. Featuring intricate prints, a rich autumnal colour palette and this season’s throwback fabric, corduroy, no matter what your style, there’s something for everyone.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until next year to get our hands on this collection – just shop your favourite looks below immediately!

Camille Charrière

street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-camille-charrierephoto: Candice Lake
street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-camille-charriere2photo: Candice Lake

“My style is effortless, classic and trendy. I created looks that represent both my French and my more experimental English side. I think street style serves for inspiration, especially when you’re in a bit of a rut. Watching other people style things in ways you wouldn’t have thought of helps to unlock new ways of doing things. Fashion week is a moment when you can definitely experiment with your style, but not so much that you feel like you’re in costume. Make sure that you still feel like yourself even if it’s the most trendy version of yourself.”

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Jan-Michael Quammie

street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-jan-quammie-exclusivephoto: Candica Lake
street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-jan-quammie2photo: Candice Lake

“I would say my style is eclectic, random and mix-matchy. My favourites from these looks are the faux fur coat, which gives a vintage and quite classic vibe, and the patent leather boots are cool. I love anything that shines. Original street style was just an expression of yourself. Saying who you are, what you do, what you’re into, what your vibe is without you even having to speak.”

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Sarah Nait

street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-sarah-naitphoto: Candice Lake
street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-sarah-nait2photo: Candice Lake

“I’m always looking for timeless pieces that give me a nice silhouette. My style is masculine, classic and fitted, inspired by art, movies and iconic cultural figures. I put together looks that are a bit London-in-Paris cool, a bit rock’n’roll, but not over-dressed. In a way, street style pictures capture your true style and your attitude. If you’re going to fashion week, don’t pressure yourself. Remember to have fun. And drink a lot of water.”

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Maria Bernad

street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-maria-bernadphoto: Candice Lake
street-style-pfw-maven46-fashion-magazine-maria-bernad2photo: Candice Lake

“I would describe my style in one word: eclectic. I only wear clothes that I love, and that are an expression of my personality. The pointed toe booties are the key piece in the looks I put together. My first fashion week was two years ago in Paris and that’s when I saw real fashion on the streets. I think street style is one of the most inspiring things in fashion because it shows the personality of all these amazing girls.”

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