The Trailblazer’s Secret Weapon: James Kavanagh

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Words by Tanya Grimson
January 6th, 2020

Continuing our latest series in association with Comfort, where we delve behind the seams of four Irish trailblazers and their unique wardrobes, we are thrilled to bring you part four with the award-winning author of The Currabinny Cookbook, TV personality and Instagram king, James Kavanagh. James is renowned not only for his undeniable sense of humour but equally for his colourful and bold wardrobe statements.

James epitomises the message of Comfort’s current campaign, highlighting how clothes are not only fabric but can indeed reflect the fibre of our being — who we are and how we project ourselves to the world. James has never been shy about his wardrobe choices, in fact, the opposite is true; he celebrates his uniqueness, authenticity and ability to not take himself too seriously through his videos and photos, using clothes as his secret power which give him the confidence to go out and make an impact.

We caught up with this influential trailblazer to find out how clothes, colour and a passion for life drive him to success, and how he uses clothes as his means to recharge, refuel and come back fighting! #LongLiveClothes

Want to know more? We spoke to James about the powerful connection he feels with clothes, how they are an extension of his personality, and why.

Your outfits are often bold, daring and full of colour. Do you have to be confident in yourself to pull these outfits off or do you find that it’s the clothes that actually instil confidence in you when you put them on?

The latter! Sometimes I’m in no mood to go out, or dress up for something, or I’m feeling a bit down and I put on a bangin’ outfit and all of a sudden I have a surge of confidence and energy! Clothes are kind of magical.

Do you think the clothes you wear are an extension of your personality or is it like stepping into character when you get dressed? 

Definitely an extension of my personality. I have soooo many moods (don’t we all!) and what I wear is usually a reflection of how I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I want to be a minimal bitch, others I want to be loud and giddy in my clothing choices.

You’ve got an amazing collection of statement coats and jackets but what is it that you love so much about them?

I love how a coat can feel, or look, like scaffolding or armour around me — I feel protected. I also feel giant, statement coats make me look a bit cartoonish which I enjoy!

Fashion is meant to be fun and your wardrobe choices epitomise this. Do you think your unique sense of style has played a part in your success on social media, and why is that?

Definitely! A big part of social media is imagery, and fashion can 100% help you create a memorable image or a feeling you want to communicate.

How has your style evolved over the past few years?

I find I’m less interested in buying EVERYTHING I like these days; I’m much more focused on investing in key pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Coats, shoes etc. How I present myself is pretty much the same, but I’ve just become better at shopping, I think.

Name that one item of clothing or an accessory that you could never throw away, no matter what.

My gold studded black biker jacket. It’s 10 years old and not one stud is missing!

In partnership with Comfort

Clothes are more than just clothes. They have power; they tell stories; they carry memories. Comfort knows just how important it is to care for our beloved clothes and make them last. Together, we’re celebrating how extraordinary clothes really are as we delve into their psychological power and the stories behind them.

Long live clothes!