How Has Menswear Changed In The Last Decade?

Words by maven46
January 6th, 2020

It’s been a decade of horrifying lows and euphoric highs for the fashion industry, with an equal amount of timeless styles being created as there were absolute monstrosities that are best left in the past. So, with so much having gone on, let’s take a look at the pieces we loved and the pieces we hated from this past decade, as well as the styles we think you should be taking through to the new decade with you!

Neon & V-necks

If you remember anything from the start of the decade, it’ll be this trend. The horrific neon greens, oranges, yellows, and pinks were seen everywhere; there was no escaping this trend at the time. Thankfully this trend passed by alongside the shutter shades, baggy beanies, and coloured chino pants that came along with them – it really was a strange time for fashion.

V-neck tees were another huge trend from the beginning of the 2010s, but thankfully they faded away too, making way for tops with a little more substance and class, with far less chest hair on show.

1990s Resurgence

One thing that defined this decade is the 2nd coming of 90s performance gear and sportswear, which was present in almost every fit that we’ve seen recently. From shell suits to trail-running jackets, the retro 1990s trend looks like it’s here to stay; we’re pretty excited to say that too – it’s one of our favourite looks! With joggers taking a turn for the smart side, you can now blur the lines between casual and formal attire to tailor for comfort more than you ever could before.

What’s more, is that these pieces are also really practical – the jackets are waterproof, the joggers are so comfortable, and the trainers are tough, durable footwear that’s ready for any situation!

Functional attire is another area that’s had huge popularity towards the end of the decade too, with unique materials and utility-styles coming to the forefront of men’s fashion. Think fleeces, cargo pants, and fisherman’s vests with pockets galore!


A fundamental part of any men’s streetwear style, one of the biggest trends of the 2010s, is athleisure-wear, which combines the comfort and simplicity of sportswear with a more formal style to ensure that you’re ready for anything the day might throw at you.

Hoodies have been a staple part of every streetwear outfit of the 2010s, layered under a jacket with a simple pair of skinny jeans and box-fresh trainers to complete the look.

Besides hoodies, tees have been a huge part of the streetwear movement – this was particularly prominent in the middle of the decade when logos, branding, and graphics were the biggest trend around. Kenzo, Off-White, and Supreme were the kings of the branding game and are still huge players to this day, so if you have anything lying around in your wardrobe from these fashion houses, keep hold of them as we move into the 2020s.

Menswear is an ever-changing landscape, as you can see from our timeline of styles from the past decade; new styles emerge daily, making it almost impossible to keep ahead of the curve. With all of this change happening, it’s important to have a core wardrobe of timeless favourites that remain as a constant throughout the seasons – this allows you to add pieces from the latest trends into your fits without having to completely reshuffle your wardrobe every time! As we enter the new decade, we’re sure that there’s going to be loads of new and inventive styles to start integrating into our outfits, and we can’t wait to see which looks emerge and fade away in the coming seasons!


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