Mindfulness and Self-Exploration: in 3 Different Spheres of Life

Words by maven46
December 16th, 2019

We all know how important it is to be in touch with our inner selves. After all, until you know the full depths of your body and psyche, you can’t truly know anything external either. But self-exploration is definitely easier said than done; at least to any meaningful degree. That’s why we’re going to explore the basics of everyday mindfulness here and show you the importance of self-exploration in different spheres of your life!

The Basics of Mindfulness

So, what is mindfulness in the first place? Basically, this is a daily meditative exercise, that’s designed to put us more in touch with ourselves in a very deep, trans-ish way. In other words, this will allow you to separate yourself from your actions and reactions, and observe your conditioned responses objectively; allowing you to alter and mold your inner character for the better, more than you possibly realized you could. So, how do you achieve this? We’ll guide you through mindfulness-focused meditation.


How To Meditate

Firstly, you should know that the main focus of mindfulness meditation is breathing. And not because of any special spiritual meaning of the human breath; in fact, breathing represents a physical sensation that is basically always there, but you don’t notice it often – the perfect anchor, focusing you by tying you down to the present moment.

This will lessen the wandering of your mind to unimportant thoughts, sounds and emotions; if you control your breathing, each breath will lead you back to the path of concentration and guided meditation. So, for starters – make sure you find a comfortable spot for sitting; solid, but not jarring.

Then, place your legs in a non-awkward position. If you’re sitting on a cushion, you want them to spread comfortably in front of you. On the other hand, if you’re using a chair, rest them on the floor. Next, make sure your body is straight, but not stiff; follow the natural curvature of your spine.

Also, make sure your upper body is parallel to your arms; place your palms however it feels most natural, and with the least effort. Then, finally – soften the gaze of your eyes. Let it fall naturally downward; contrary to popular thought, there’s no need to close your eyes. You just need to release your gaze of any focus on one particular thing. Once that’s done – just focus on your breathing.

Why Mindfulness Is Useful

While you shouldn’t think about any particular benefits of mindful meditation, there are definitely plenty of them to be reaped. Once you think about it, you’ll realize that meditation improves plenty of different aspects of your life.

Benefits of Meditation In Professional Life

Let’s face it – no matter what line of work you’re in, you’re bound to become more and more stressed as time goes on. In fact, there’s no way of escaping that tension and anxiety. If you’re not successful in your job, you’ll feel anxious about being an underachiever. And if you’re moving up the corporate ladder – you’ll be faced with an increasing amount of responsibility; which only brings more tension, and not less.

However, self-exploration and meditation can be of huge use to you in this regard. Firstly, your stress levels will be far, far lower. Sure, meditating won’t remove any real-world stress causes, like an angry boss or a tight deadline. But meditation will help you focus on what’s important about these problems – namely, solving them with action instead of reaction. By removing yourself from the emotional trauma that comes with professional responsibility, you’ll be able to solve problems in practice, instead of being wound-up on the potential consequences of failure.

Meditation Improves Your Sex Life

Sure, most of us don’t think we need a tutorial for having sex; but in reality, there is always room for improvement. And surprisingly enough, you may find that self-exploration will make a huge positive impact on your sex life. Namely, because mindful meditation doesn’t just improve your mental self-awareness; it goes a long way toward helping you become aware of your body as well. Certainly, most of us believe that we already are – but in reality, you move instinctively, without much individual control over different body parts.


However, constant meditation will change all of that. In every second of your intercourse, you will be fully aware of your every action, and thus be able to control yourself far better. Your partner will notice your newly improved levels of control as well, which will bring you a lot of mutual enjoyment in the bedroom.

Better Social Life

Have you ever talked to someone close to you – a child, lover, friend – without actually listening to them and understanding what they’re saying? Indeed, many people find themselves in a bind when it comes to connecting with others on any meaningful level. And while most attribute this to the fact that they don’t understand others; it’s actually the other way around.

In order to truly make a significant connection with someone on a personal level, you will have to be able to connect with yourself first. Or, to put it differently – if you want to get to know someone, you can only do so if you truly know yourself. And as you might’ve guessed – meditation will help you with that!

As you can see, there are plenty of different spheres of life where meditation will aid you quite a lot; from your social and professional life outside the house to the intimacy of your bedroom. At the end of the day, it’s only logical too. If you use this technique to reduce all the useless brain chatter and focus yourself on what really matters; you will be a better person, and thus a better person towards others as well.


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