10 Christmas Party Dresses That You Can Wear Again

Into 2020 and Beyond


Words by Tanya Grimson
November 27th, 2019

With the introduction of Christmas ads on TV and songs slowly starting to creep onto our radio station’s playlists, one thing is for certain, as of this weekend, Christmas is officially here, which means it’s also the start of ‘silly’ season and endless Christmas engagements. Now, who are we to deny anyone some festive cheer, we love a good party just as much as anyone but with that carries a certain panic and that age-old question of “Oh no, what am I going to wear?”

However, there is no need to panic just yet as we have compiled a curated list of our favourite dresses that will not only see you through the Christmas season but beyond as well. Sustainability and slow fashion were without a doubt the key topics of 2019 and we want to address this by encouraging you to buy dresses that will have longevity, that can be worn to any special occasion in 2020 and even further. By removing an overwhelming amount of sparkle frees up your options for a longer shelf life with a dress that is as relevant in spring-summer as it is now, albeit if has sleeves, it may not suit a June wedding! However, where possible this festive season, try to avoid that impulsive purchase and look for dresses that you can see yourself wearing again and again, it will not only save the environment but your bank balance too.

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