The Watch Styles the Celebrities are Wearing


Words by maven46
October 28th, 2019

People know celebrities can be a little OTT in their outfit selections especially during award ceremonies and have even been known for attempting to shop around in disguise. However, the timepieces they wear can tell a lot about who they actually are, and their fans can also identify them based on the watch styles they wear as these are pieces that remain constant despite their constant outfit changes. Keep in mind that celebrities are people too and also have their own their watch style.

Given that timepieces are the best statement pieces to complete any outfit, celebrities’ watch styles can vary. Consequently, people also have their interests, lifestyle, and preferences when it comes to pieces of clothing and accessories they have on. And, since they are celebrities, people can see them as a role model for integrating these timeless pieces with fashion.

Further, fans are curious to know why some celebrities choose such brands and watch styles to incorporate into their look so we are giving you a sneak peak into the styles and brands the celebrities love to wear and why?



Iconic celebrities wear iconic watches. Since celebrities want to showcase their hard work and effort, they prefer to invest in things that retain or increase in value over time. One of the watch styles celebrities most like to wear for any occasion is a luxury watch, since quality and style is versatile enough to complete almost any outfit.

However, luxury watches also have their own story and legacy that completely change the meaning as to why people buy them. For instance, Rihanna has the classic steel and yellow gold Rolex Datejust. Fans know Rihanna for being chic and fashionable, but wearing the Rolex Datejust shows that she actually loves the classics and sophistication.


Dress watches are the best timepieces people can wear for formal or black-tie events. The reason why dress watches work best for black-tie or formal events is due to their simplicity while simultaneously screaming out sophisticated elegance. Several celebrities choose to wear them because they know that simplicity is beauty.

One of the most worn dress watches by celebrities is the Cartier Tank collection. Although Cartier Tank is a luxury watch, its simplicity is known to many celebrities in the industry. For instance, Michelle Obama has the Cartier Tank Francaise, which reflects her image due to the stylish simplicity that highlights self-awareness and intelligence.


Sports watches always get their influence from fast-moving sports such as motor racing, marathons, and even water sports. The style of sports watches always includes speedy designs and thoroughly thought-out features that can withstand excessive and rough movements.

For celebrities, however, sports watches can highlight the wearer as being active and energetic. Since watch brands are adapting to the modern world, sports watches today, incorporate a classic yet contemporary design. For instance, Cara Delevingne wears the TAG Heuer Carrera to showcase her chic dark side while being playful at the same time.


Fashion watches are those that incorporate bold colors combined with precious gemstones. Further, this type of watch style usually move away from traditional steel and gold watch straps. Fashion watches, also, don’t have unique features and technological functions but, their purpose is to compliment the outfit selected for that day.

One of the most iconic fashion watch brands is from Jacob & Co’s Brilliant Collections. Kim Kardashian West is an iconic celebrity that has the custom made diamond-studded Brilliant red timepiece. This fashion watch shows her personality, her love for herself and the attention she seeks from others around her.