Industry Insight: 3 Ways Fashion Brands Can Market for More Sales


Words by maven46
October 25th, 2019

You’ve come up with a great new fashion brand. You’re stylish and know the industry well enough to tailor your clothes and accessories to the right customers. But you’re struggling to know what to do to communicate this to the customers.

It can sometimes be difficult to have every element of a successful brand in place – the name, the logo, the background, the story – but not know how to convert this to happy, paying customers. Here are three ways you can grow awareness and traffic that can be converted to successful sales.

Incentivise Sales

One of the main ways in which customers can learn about a brand is by being incentivised to make a purchase. Some brands, such as the Sock of the Month Club, allow you to register to add one free month for every subscription purchased. Others, such as Hollister, have free shipping for certain spends, while some braver brands even have a caveat that you can get a full refund if not happy with your purchase. Sales promotions have worked across other industries, such as entertainment, with Netflix and Spotify offering free trials before having customers commit to a full subscription, Meanwhile, the latest casino promotions show us how welcome offers for casino sites help customers choose one site over another, allowing them to test each site before choosing one they might prefer.

Connect with Influencers

Reportedly, Estée Lauder spend 75% of their marketing budget on influencers. Getting well-known celebrities in certain spheres to showcase your clothing or accessories on their vlogs, social media posts, and websites can lead to greater brand awareness. This can in turn lead to sales. Some suggest that influencers have stopped being as effective, especially as people question whether the influencer would opt for that brand if they weren’t being paid to do so. However, there is no doubt that influencers wearing your things can definitely help you get seen by thousands. Even if the influencer isn’t strictly in your field, the awareness generated could have a positive impact on your fashion brand.

Hold a PR Stunt

Sometimes, being loud and shocking can get you all the attention. While this strategy is riskier in terms of reputation, PR stunts are often good enough to get you buzz. They can be used to highlight a particular product or could just showcase your brand and the personality with it. PR stunts are probably the best way in which to get publicity that succinctly showcases your personality. Adidas recently launched a gardening range featuring celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh, Coca-Cola and Diesel collaborated to launch recycled clothing, while a Spanish health insurer Generali launched a swimwear line to draw attention to melanoma. Fashion brands can do their own PR stunt launches to promote awareness of a cause, which could also draw attention and awareness towards their brand.

Attracting customers can be most of the battle if everything else in your fashion brand has worked out well. Knowing where to find the customers and how best to drive them towards your website is the hardest aspect. Luckily through sales promotions, influencer links, and PR stunts, you can be savvy and get people talking about you and your brand.


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