The Best TV Show-inspired Treats and Trips

Find out how you can embody the lives of your favourite TV shows

Words by Sophie Dean
October 25th, 2019

Breaking away now and then from everyday life is a necessity. We turn to books, movies, TV and video games for such an escape. Even 30 minutes on your smartphone or a good comedy show can heal those Monday morning blues. But TV, other than a common form of entertainment, is also known to do more than pleasantly distract. Audiences can develop a bond with their favorite series, allowing it to expand their imagination, embedding itself in their awareness of the world. Popular entertainment has that power, but also provides an incentive and new ideas for escapist ventures.

Treats & Games

Game of Thrones fans have been rejoicing for years over the array of merchandise produced to keep them hooked and entertained. What better way to pass the time than by playing a round of GoT Cluedo from Grindstore? There’s also a Risk and Monopoly version. Or feel like royalty during your coffee break by drinking out of an enamelled House Targaryen goblet. It’s easy to imagine the creators of these products having as much fun as their buyers.

Reality TV and game shows are just as influential. Deal or No Deal, for example, earned its share of mugs and key chains for keeping generations of viewers on the edge of their seats. It may only have one board game to its name, but that alone is already valuable for being part of a popular franchise. It’s the same with Deal or No Deal roulette, as expectations of people coming to play roulette on are pleasantly enhanced by the familiar red-box design, special odds and popular features based on the TV show.

But there’s more than memorabilia and video games to enjoy when it comes to enhancing our love for popular entertainment.

Themed Trips and Travels

More glamorous tastes, of course, have options to indulge in too, including destinations made famous by TV. Fans of Friends and Sex and the City would do well to visit New York. Times Square, Broadway, and the Plaza are stops suggested by Showmax’s guide, perhaps for a weekend getaway. Treat yourself and your friends with a chance to strut your most fashionable ensembles, go shopping and relax with some afternoon tea. Live the Carrie Bradshaw life for a few days and think about any other of the show’s destinations you’d like to see, like Abu Dhabi or Paris.

Downton Abbey is another great source of ideas, though perhaps more classy and calm. Hampshire’s stunning Highclere Castle, where filming took place, is, in fact, open to the public. Apart from behind-the-scenes tours, many events are organized each year, from afternoon tea and champagne at the castle, to Christmas and Valentine’s Day receptions. The stately home provides the perfect excuse to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and dive into the tranquillity of the English countryside. For extra Downton Abbey immersion, you could even dress up as the lords and ladies of the Crawley family. It’s a unique opportunity that deserves every bit of dedication to the experience.

Whether you prefer the simple pleasures of home entertainment or hopping on a plane and completely embodying your beloved characters, the TV shows that already make you smile can take that refreshing escape even further. Add your most fantastic dreams to your reality.


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