Top 4 Fashion Trends of 2019 According to Pinterest

bamboo-bags-trend-cult-gaiaphoto: Cult Gaia

Words by maven46
July 30th, 2019

If you’re like us and are keen to keep track of the latest and greatest fashion trends, platforms such as Google and Pinterest are particularly useful for discovering current as well as up and coming trends that have been pinpointed by data. The annual Pinterest 100 report is especially interesting as it combines the top 100 keywords and topics that people have been searching online, offering an insight into the trends and products that will define the rest of the year.

While you can always be guaranteed that the maven46 team will keep you up to date on the trends worth knowing, if you’re a tech nerd like us, it’s always interesting to see where these trends are coming from. By checking out this data, you can often learn about the freshest trends before they even reach their peak. Case in point, here are four fashion trends that will most likely dominate the remainder of 2019:

1. Trainers +2211%

The minimalistic yet stylish design of Givenchy trainers is taking the world by storm after we’ve seen a slight movement away from the more extravagant and bulky alternatives from the likes of Balenciaga. Of course, the fact that they’re usually about half the price of a pair of Balenciagas has also helped them grab a fair share of the luxury footwear market in recent months. You can browse the SSENSE Givenchy catalogue to get a further idea of the design styles that are tickling people’s fancy in 2019.


2. Bamboo Bags +2215%

Continuing the ongoing trend started by Cult Gaia, bamboo bags are becoming commonplace on runways around the world. While a bag made out of wood might not seem like the most comfortable accessory, their interesting aesthetics have propelled them into widespread popularity, with Pinterest searches for the term “bamboo bags” up by more than 2000% this year.



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3. Bike Shorts +1323%

Traditionally, bike shorts have mostly been worn for their original purpose – bicycling. However, this year we’re seeing a new love it or hate it trend emerge with the fashion world’s most stylish wearing bike shorts as part of their day-to-day outfits. While plain and simple designs are an easy way to first test out the trend, high-rise styles with exotic prints are proving particularly popular, with brands like Onzie even releasing leopard print bike shorts that are doing surprisingly well by combining two trends in one.

4. Wrap Dresses and Robes +689%

Wrap style dresses and coats are coming back with a vengeance, especially towards the latter half of the year when temperatures will be more conducive to covering up. The most popular kinds of dresses and coats that are benefiting from this trend include wrap dresses made famous by Ganni and robes – basically any kind of silhouette that wraps around the front. And the best news? They’re flattering for all.



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