Top 5 Essential Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own

essential jewellery piecesphoto: Tar Mar, Lucy Williams, Monikh

Words by Morgan
March 14th, 2019

Jewellery might be a luxury, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a necessity. Jewellery exists to accentuate and to bring an outfit out of its shell. A good piece of jewellery can transform an otherwise plain outfit into a real statement of intent or transform a more ostentatious and overwhelming outfit into something more subtle and refined. In short, jewellery can make or break an outfit and every wardrobe can benefit from these five versatile cornerstones to build an outfit around.

A Statement Necklace

A necklace doesn’t need to make a statement, but it can really help an otherwise standard look become something else entirely. For example, wearing a leather jacket and a classic white tee might come across as casual but if you add an incredible statement necklace to that outfit, it suddenly develops a life of its own. Whether you’re going with something chunky or a trending gold medallion by Lucy Williams x Missoma, a necklace can elevate any look.



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A Good Watch

Whilst watches might not hold the same functional power as they once did, given the modern ubiquity of the smartphone, they arguably now possess a stronger aesthetic value than ever before. You don’t need to spend a small fortune in order to make a statement either. Henry London is famous for subtle, dynamic watches that you can safely invest in knowing you won’t be wearing the exact same style as everyone else.

Earrings That Pop

On a daily basis, a typical stud might suffice, but if you’re really pushing the boat out and putting together a statement outfit, you might want to consider something more extravagant and unique. Pearl-adorned earrings are the most obvious choice here — a design that will suit both formal and casual occasions, regardless of the colour or the size. But these aren’t the pearls your grandmother used to wear. Less perfect-looking and more organic in shape, pearl earrings are in the midst of a modern-day renaissance, strung from metal hoops or hanging from gold coins like the style worn by Tar Mar below. If pearls aren’t your thing, however, XXL hoop earrings are still very much a trend worth considering.



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Luxury Rings

This will obviously depend on the ring and your own personal style, but generally speaking, a signet ring or one with a powerful gemstone can save an otherwise pretty standard outfit. The shape and size of the gemstone will depend on your preference, as will whether you opt for a silver or gold design. However, whatever ring you choose, it’s more important that you find a design that fits comfortably and manages to accentuate your day to day style, without completely overwhelming your overall look.

A Natural Bracelet

Finally, a natural bracelet might seem like little more than an accentuation for a matching necklace, but it can also work just as well in its own right. Bracelets can also be remarkably understated, particularly the current trend for simple gold bangles.



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