Careers You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Fashion

Words by Morgan
March 4th, 2019

The world of fashion is made up of multiple creatives, talents, and innovators. While perhaps most of the attention is focused on the models and designers, that’s not to say there’s nobody else working away behind the scenes. In fact, the complete opposite is true. The roles are diverse, spanning multiple areas, and careers can really excel in this ever-evolving industry. In the end, there are unsung heroes of the fashion world who are heading up thriving careers in this industry.

Bloggers, Journalists, Social Media Specialists

Social media is constantly reshaping the world. It’s forever changing the discussions that deserve the public attention and giving light to issues that have been too long left in the dark. Consequently, many businesses see social media as a tool to be used for marketing purposes. Fashion brands are no exception here.

Ultimately, social media undoubtedly influences fashion at large. That means if you’re anything like a blogger, journalist, or SEO junkie, you can have an exciting career in the fashion circles. You can publicise the latest trends and innovations online, interview the exciting artists and makers of this generation, and so forth. There’s evidently a lot of potential here, so if marketing or the written word is your area, the fashion industry has room for you.

Makeup Artists and Hairdressers

Models need to look good, but of course, they don’t pull this off independently. No, for a model to look truly unique and special, it requires the efforts of a team of hard workers to get the job done. Of course, makeup artists and hairdressers are being referred to here.

There’s actually a lot more craft in these professions than many might assume. There needs to be expert training from companies like Capital Hair and Beauty, products that require finesse and know-how to use, lighting considerations, an understanding of how to complement natural complexions of all ethnicities with the amount of makeup applied. If you’re keen to really get into some skill-based, mentally stimulating work in the fashion industry, you’ll find it here.

Fashion Buyers

Everyone knows that it’s the designers and seamsters that bring clothing to life, from conception to creation, but bringing the finished product from the catwalk to the store is all down to fashion buyers.

Fashion buyers are key decision makers in the fashion industry, selecting what items will be stocked in stores and when. They observe and analyse trends, attending catwalk shows and showroom presentations all over the world before ultimately deciding what product to buy and bring to the market at home for consumers to then purchase. While this isn’t as simple as the average shopping trip, if you’ve got an eye for trends and decision making is your forte, a role in fashion buying might just be your dream career.

Event Organisers

Event organisers get their own heading because they’re never-endingly busy. They essentially make everything possible in the fashion industry, and no ideas really gain traction without them. They’ll organise anything at any given fashion event; from the venue to the seating arrangements, from ticket prices to refreshments on offer. If you like to be preoccupied, this role is for you!

There are a lot of moving parts in the fashion industry, and it’s the event organisers job to bring them all together and make sense of them. They do this not only for their own benefit but for everyone in attendance at an occasion too. To create a smooth flow in any bombastic event takes guts, a steely work ethic, and the shouldering of untold amounts of responsibility. Nevertheless, fewer professions are as rewarding in the fashion industry than the event organiser role when it all comes together.