POWER DRESSING: Kildare Village Celebrates Irish Women in Sport

And the 5 rising athletes inspiring us to get active

irish women in sport kildare village

Words by Tanya Grimson
January 21st, 2019

Kildare Village has launched a brand new campaign that not only celebrates women in sport but is also in collaboration with five rising female athletes, Rhasidat Adeleke, Niamh Buffini, Megan Williams, Niamh Murphy and Mary-Kate Slattery, advocating for women in Ireland to join the conversation and feel inspired by these empowering women and their stories of courage, bravery and confidence.

Recently, women in sport have pulled focus in Ireland and gained international acclaim and recognition thanks to their achievements in the areas of rugby, hockey, athletics, boxing and martial arts. It is widely known that women in sports, up until this point, have not received the right support or recognition they deserved or earned but instead were faced with adversity and propelled despite it. They have consistently challenged the archaic view of women in sports and launched a platform for fellow women to showcase their strengths in the international arena. These women have inspired generations of others to become more active, start playing sports and feel empowered to make a change in their lives.

Playing sports not only improves your wellbeing, fitness and mental health but can give you the confidence to excel in other areas of your life by creating targets and competitive challenges. Kildare Village will be working to promote this and encouraging women of all ages to get active and join the game with a series of events and programmes taking place during 2019.

To launch this empowering initiative that encourages women to become more active in sports, Kildare Village has teamed up with these five leading Irish athletes who are pioneering change in public perception towards women in sport. These five rising stars are this country’s future; they are the role models for a new generation of girls that will now, thanks to them, see women in sport as not only strong and inspiring but still women in their own right, beautiful and inclusive.

Rhasidat Adeleke

Rhasidat Adeleke, 16 years old, is a student and international sprinter for Ireland. She won gold at the 2018 European Youth Athletics Championships in Hungary this summer and is a 2020 Olympic hopeful.

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“I’m not a fan of losing, and I never have been. I do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. I work really hard on and off the track. I always strive for success.”

Niamh Murphy

Niamh Murphy has been captain of the Irish netball team since 2012 and led the team to win the 2018 European Championships; she is also a physiotherapist in the Mater Hospital.

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“I think huge progress has been made in recent years in terms of recognising women’s achievement in sport. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go before we have equality in terms of opportunity, funding, and television coverage. Young girls need positive role models to be celebrated by our country.”

Mary-Kate Slattery

Mary-Kate Slattery is an amateur boxer and third-year law student at Trinity College Dublin.

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“Women belong in sport just as much as men do. Ireland has produced, and is producing, incredible female athletes, all of whom will serve to be fantastic role models for future generations. The future of female Irish sport has never looked brighter.”

Niamh Buffini

Niamh Buffini currently holds a 5th Dan Kukkiwon Blackbelt and is Ireland’s only female 5th Dan, and the youngest in the country. Niamh is now the Performance and Operations Manager for Paralympics Ireland.

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“My family are my motivation…and knowing that I can, in some shape or form, have an influence on athlete performances on the world stage because of my experiences as an athlete, coach, and now manager.”

Megan Williams

Megan Williams is a winger on the Irish Rugby International women’s team and has 18 caps for Ireland; she also runs her own health and wellness company.

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“You can still be sexy and strong and a sports player. My back is strong, which is why I love this shot. It makes me look feminine, strong and a fierce rugby player. It represents me, really.”


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