3 Transitional Menswear Trends to Take You From Winter to Spring

Words by Ed Smith
January 18th, 2019

As the weather evolves throughout the seasons, so too does the fashion scene. However, the winter to spring transition isn’t always so immediate or stark, and very often the weather of the former can continue into the days of the latter. Consequently, fashion adapts as a result, and spring brings a suitable blend of clothing that’s fit for all weatherly conditions. In honour of Men’s Fashion Week happening at the moment, we are taking a rare opportunity to look at some of the key menswear trends for SS19 to encourage your brothers and boyfriends to live in style. Here are some of the trends we can expect to see.

Isabel Marant
Dior Homme

The Colour Palette

In prior years, spring has sparked the ideas of a resurgence in colour after bleak, grey winters. Well, 2019 is going to put a different spin on this concept. While colours are in abundance this spring, they’re more fashionably presented in washed-out and neutral tones, rather than bold and eccentric shades of regrowth and renewal.

You can expect to see a lot of beige, sand, almond green, tan, and off-white colours this spring to make the seasonal shift seem more elegant and mature. This kind of palette showcases a rougher aesthetic, falling right in line with the aftermath of a turbulent winter. It’s certainly an engaging theme that supports an organic, gradual transition from winter to spring, and the highly appealing jackets from Belstaff can give you a great idea as to how this kind of fashion will play out.



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Lightweight Materials

Lightweight items of clothing have been a go-to option for many a spring, but each year, as spring gets colder and colder, they grow in popularity. Now, these types of fabrics are expected to experience a significant boom, offering warmth and flexibility for all wearers of knitwear and footwear.

The same is also true for cotton and padded jackets. They’re easy to wear, remove and pack. They don’t add any significant weight to suitcases or luggage bags either, nor do they take up large amounts of room. In other words, lightweight clothing is adaptable, allowing people to withstand the remaining cold that the spring will no doubt supply. When they days gradually start getting warmer, lightweight jackets can be quickly slipped off and stored away without any difficulty.

Jerseys and Thermals

Exercise buffs out there won’t let winter weather derail their routines, so why should spring? The lower temperatures can be combatted with jerseys and thermals, providing extra layers of warmth and comfort to the wearer. After all, the sharp and bitter winds don’t immediately dissipate once spring rolls around, so we can still expect those crueller weather conditions.

Of course, while most might think this type of sportswear is for practical purposes only, thermals also have their own style value away from sports too, which has increased their popularity. For example, many of the jerseys feature vintage graphics work and designs, giving them a heightened level of aesthetic appeal. In the end, when spring is in session, there’s never a bad time to wear some sporting gear.