How to Layer the Right Way: Get Your Style Tips From the Scandi Street Stars Nailing it RN

Discover the secret to Scandi dressing


Words by Nicole Thomsen
December 17th, 2018

Layering is often touted as the answer to every autumnal dilemma; cold outside? Layers. Sick of wearing the same outfit every day? Layer things differently. Life is falling apart? Add more layers. But in spite of all its problem-solving abilities, layering isn’t that easy to master — unless, of course, you’re Scandinavian.

With the unique ability to layer clothing like no other nation, the people of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, collectively, are experts in this particular dress technique. Pernille Teisbaek, Sophia Roe, Jeanette Madsen, Darja Barranik, Tine Andrea… These are the pros you ought to be taking style advice from.


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Though they all naturally have their own individual sense of style and aesthetic, there is a common thread that ties them together; they all know how to layer their clothing practically and artfully, making them your go-to for inspiration when it comes to getting dressed this season. Discover their need-to-know winter layering tricks below.


Dress Over Trousers



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For those of you who, like myself, cannot bear the sight of black opaque tights but aren’t prepared to pack away the summer dresses just yet (or at all), layering your favourite gúna over trousers is a practical way around this self-inflicted dilemma. However, when it comes to this styling technique, not all dresses are created equal. Midi length dresses work best as do wrap styles such as the Ganni dress above which is nipped in at the waist and falls loosely over the hips to prevent frumpiness or from appearing swamped by all the layers. Choosing the right trousers, of course, is equally as important: fitted styles such as straight-leg or skinny jeans are ideal as they will balance proportions and streamline the look.




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If there’s one thing you can and should take away from the Scandi set it’s the importance of good outerwear. As the final piece to an outfit, it can make or break your look. Leading the way this season, we’ve spotted more than one check coat on the streets of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, which, when layered over a hoodie, a turtleneck sweater as seen on Jeanette Madsen above, or even another jacket such as a blazer, becomes Scandi cool.



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Another firm favourite, a trench coat in a neutral shade of beige is a staple in any Scandinavian woman’s wardrobe. Not just because of its cold weather appropriateness, but because it looks great when layered too. Regardless of which style you prefer though, the key details to look for when it comes to the perfect layering coat are the same: a straight or oversized cut (anything slim fitted won’t accommodate bulk underneath) that hits half-way between the knee and ankle, and features a lapel to add structure. With the biggest selection of go-to Scandi brands in one place, you’ll be guaranteed to find the perfect coat at

Midi Skirt & Sweater Combo



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If we had to narrow down Scandinavian fashion to just one Look (with a capital ‘L’) it would consist of the following: a midi skirt, dad trainers or ankle boots, and a knitted jumper to top it all off. This formula, which expertly mixes the feminine with the masculine (something the Danes, in particular, are so good at), is the Scandi uniform.



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Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also hides a multitude of sins layers. If your legs are feeling the cold, you can wear a pair of fleece-lined leggings (available at Penneys, thank us later) underneath any A-line or loose-fitting skirt, while on top you can double up on knitwear by wearing a thin, fitted polo neck underneath a larger, chunkier sweater or cardigan to beat the cold in style. Depending on the length of the skirt you choose, you can roll up the leggings to make sure they aren’t visible below the hemline or opt for knee-length boots to cover them up completely, and some added warmth.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories



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Layers upon layers can often look a little casual but you can easily bring it all together through your accessories. Take your cue from Pernille Teisbaek, author of Dress Scandinavian, who coordinated a laidback double denim ensemble with attention-grabbing kitten heels and a statement bag. The pointed toe adds a touch of femininity while the colour-block handbag plays off the blue tones in the denim, tying everything together and elevating the overall look.



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Of course, another great aspect of accessories is that you can use them to add definition and shape. Incorporate waist-cinching tools such as belts and bum bags to define your silhouette if it’s looking a little lost and overwhelmed by loose, multiple layers as Trine Kjaer has done above.


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