Get Your First Look at the Moschino x H&M Full Collection

A loud and proud collection for everyone to have fun with


Words by Nicole Thomsen
October 11th, 2018

Jeremy Scott is known his playful, in-your-face designs and his forthcoming collection with H&M is cut from the same cloth. A departure from the regal feminity of last year’s design collaboration with Erdem, Moschino [tv] H&M is a high-energy collection of logos, pop culture and glamour. Consisting of womenswear, menswear and even accessories for your canine friends, it’s fun for all the family.

From Mickey Mouse sweaters, MTV logo hoodies and condom print T-shirts to cropped puffa jackets, leather mini dresses and gold chain accessories, Scott brings his playful designs to the masses not for the first time with prices starting at €30. If you’re after a hit of ’90s nostalgia, you’re Disney’s biggest fan, or perhaps you plan on attending next year’s ‘Camp’ themed Met Ball, this is the collection for you.

Browse the full womenswear lookbook below before it drops online and in selected stores on November 8th.


Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_128_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_101_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_102_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_103_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_106_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_116_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_115_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_114_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_113_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_112_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_110_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_109_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_107_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_117_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_129_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_127_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_126_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_125_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_124_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_123_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_122_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_121_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_120_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_119_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_118_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_130_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_136_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_135_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_134_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_133_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_132_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_131_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_138_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_140_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_139_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_141_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_144_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_143_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_142_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_137_300dpi_PR
Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_145_300dpi_PR