3 Style Mavens Share Their Tips on How to Make Jewellery Your Best Accessory

maven46 catches up with three style mavens on the importance of jewellery for the season ahead

Words by Nicole Thomsen
September 25th, 2018

As autumn rolls in, there’s never been a better time to invest in a new wardrobe. From oversized powerhouse silhouettes to white denim and luxe knitwear, there’s a myriad of new season trends to behold but what to buy? And more importantly, how to wear them?

If you’re taking your cues from the autumn/winter catwalks, the answer would be: garnished with jewellery and plenty of it. Between Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Gucci, it’s eye catchingly obvious that jewellery is the finishing touch every outfit requires this season to make a style statement.

Of course, jewellery is a personal thing, more so than any other part of a wardrobe. It is the final piece of the puzzle that pulls a look together, allowing you to add a touch of personality and make the look your own. Which is exactly where an iconic brand like Tiffany & Co. comes into play. Loved the world over for its classic but contemporary designs, its unique and powerful legacy of creating timeless pieces that stand the test of time is the reason style conscious women the world over choose Tiffany’s jewellery to accentuate their style. This is no exception for Irish style mavens, Ingrid Hoey, Holly White and Lucy Nagle, who tell us why, when it comes to investing in signature jewellery pieces that complement their personal style and new season buys, Tiffany & Co. is their favourite plus which pieces they covet.

For Holly White, a vegan food blogger and fashion stylist, jewellery is an extension of her day to day laidback style. “With jewellery, it’s something I enjoy wearing every day, rather than waiting for a special occasion, so I choose well made and structured pieces. I adore rose gold and love the Tiffany T square bracelet and City Hardwear ball ring.” Much like Tiffany & Co., sustainability is also an important factor in Holly’s fashion choices which is why she chooses to invest in timeless designs with a message: “The yellow diamond on the firefly pendant reminds me of the bright yellow of a bumblebee. Bees are fundamental to our environment and I think we are all becoming so aware of the need to conserve and create habitat to ensure their survival!”

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As a fashion stylist, Ingrid Hoey understands the transformative power of accessories. “For me, accessories are so important because they complete a look. I adore the Tiffany City Hardware necklace which can toughen up any feminine look.” And while her autumn/winter wardrobe favours oversized silhouettes with masculine cuts, with the right jewellery, everything falls into place. “The Tiffany City Hardwear earrings form a frame, an architectural element to my somewhat relaxed wardrobe, while the Tiffany T wire bracelet is subtle yet super elegant, something I would never take off my wrist.”

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Similarly, knitwear designer Lucy Nagle uses jewellery as a way of refining her pared back sense of style. “I love that I can team my blue camouflage cashmere sweatshirt with rich wools, velvets, sheepskins and then add some all-important polish via accessories and jewellery. I like to let the finish and fabrics do the talking which is why I chose these stunning Tiffany & Co. designs as my favourite jewellery pieces to add to my wishlist this season. They are sophisticated and elegant, classic in nature but each one has a subtle design element that sets it apart, akin to the Lucy Nagle ethos and aesthetic.”

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In a season that is all about transformative dressing, dressing not only a modern, elegant woman but an evolved woman too, it’s clear jewellery is the key. With female role models such as Zoë Kravitz and Elle Fanning, two women who truly reflect these generational changes, starring as the new Tiffany muses, jewellery is taking centre stage this season by making bold statements that are not only refreshingly contemporary but beautiful too.

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