The Style Maven’s Guide to Packing for Summer Holidays

The key destinations this summer and how to pack for them

Words by Nicole Thomsen
July 25th, 2018

The art of packing is not one that is easily mastered. Underpack and you could find yourself with nothing to wear, left only to waste time that should have been spent on new adventures in search of that missing item you told yourself you absolutely would not need. But overpacking comes with its own set of cons, not to mention extra fees. The trick, of course, is not to pack light, per se, but to pack smart.

While we may not be able to pack your suitcase for you, we can recommend what to bring, depending on where you’ve set your sights on. Based on the key destinations to visit this summer, from Seville to Tulum, we’ve teamed up with Diet Coke to create the ultimate guide to packing so that you can spend less time hunched over a suitcase and more time planning for the new experiences that each of these must-visit locations has to offer.

Cinque Terre

The beauty of Cinque Terre is well known, on Instagram at least. Embrace the multi-coloured streets of these five Italian villages with bright and vibrant patterned clothing. But take note, Cinque Terre is built into the side of a cliff along the Italian Riviera so expect to do plenty of climbing, be it steps or hills, and bring your flats.



Be smart with your fabric choices as you explore this Greek island and opt for lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen that allow your skin to breathe while still looking effortlessly cool. And if that’s not enough to beat the heat, pack a refreshing face mist that will leave your complexion glowing rather than sweaty.



Mykonos is famed for its nightlife so partywear is essential when visiting this Greek mecca. Shorts are a key trend this season for work and play but opt for styles that reflect the simplicity of the island’s picturesque landscape with minimal whites and loose-cut silhouettes that will take you from day to night.



Hot on the list of places you have to visit while in Tulum is Gran Cenote, an underwater system of caverns. Come prepared with your bathing suit in tow, Jacquemus style, and ensure you wear your walking shoes for exploring the nearby Mayan ruins. A straw hat is a great, not to mention on-trend, way to protect your face from the glaring sun as you go.


Revel in the old world charm of the Andalusian capital. Seville was voted the number one place to visit this year for good reason, not least because of its breathtaking architecture so don’t be caught off-guard without your camera. And if you’ve never tried flamenco dancing before, Seville is the place to experience it so ensure to pack your dancing shoes and the perfect dress to twist and twirl in.

In partnership with Diet Coke