The One Feature That’s Guaranteed to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

This microtrend can elevate any look

Words by Angie Jachniw
July 31st, 2018

Raise Hell in Tortoise Shell

Slow and steady wins the race isn’t the story of every tortoise—especially those fashionista tortoises who dedicate their shells (figuratively, of course) to the adornment of many summer garments. From bold earrings to intricate button detailing, incorporating this marbled pattern into your summer wardrobe is an explicit way to elevate your outfit from dingy to distinguished at very little cost.

Most commonly seen on the frames of thick-rimmed glasses, the tortoiseshell pattern is breaking the barriers and migrating onto bigger and better things—take that, Hare! See how the integration of this feature can make Penneys look like Prada for a fraction (we’re talking like a 90% markdown) of the price.


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Button down (or is it up?) dresses are hotter than Ireland’s summer heatwave, so make sure to buy one in your size before the stores run out! While classic white buttons are safe and easy to style, try to scan for an option with tortoiseshell buttons instead. The marbled combination of mocha and chocolate (which also makes a fabulous Starbucks drink) compliments any fabric, especially lighter ones in contrast, and instantly heightens the dramatic impact of your ‘fit.

Other ways to dip your toes into tortoise-infested waters–don’t worry, it’s safe–is by concentrating the buttons on a single garment, like a skirt, or a featured accessory. Keep other patterns limited to ensure all eyes are on the prize! Shop below to get the look.

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